Choosing Fabrics for Your Ideal Office Environment

When styling your office, you’ll need to select furniture, paint colors, technology options, and more. Fabric and vinyls show up in almost every office in a variety of applications like lounge furniture, chair cushions, or acoustic panels and dividers. The type of fabrics you choose can influence the sort of office environment you’re trying to create. We’ve listed 4 types of popular office environments and recommended fabrics we think work best for each. Read on to avoid a fabric faux pas!

1. Professional Environment

The easiest way to create an environment that breeds professionalism is to keep it simple. More neutral tones--black, white, grays, and tans--can easily inspire a minimalist, no-nonsense workspace. If your fabric is not plain, less is more; choose clean, clear lines that aren’t too busy.

2. Calming Environment

You may want to promote a sense of serenity if you work in a high-stress industry. A study at Minnesota State University showed that red environments increase stress whereas green or white spaces don’t. Jackie Jordan, former Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams, believes that muted blues are among the most calming colors. Click here to flip through some possible color options.

3. Creative Environment

Creativity thrives when your thinkers are surrounded by color. In particular, orange and yellow are thought to promote creativity. It could also be useful to think about primary colors--blue, yellow, and red--and pairing them with their opposites on the color wheel--orange, purple, green. For example, yellow and purple look incredible together!

4. Safer Environment

We’ve talked a lot about colors so far, but what about material? To create a safer office environment, the type of fabric material is much more important than the color. Try antimicrobial pet material for dividers or durable, easy-to-clean fabrics like vinyl.

Now that you’re equipped with some new fabric inspiration for your office space, CBI Group can help you put it together to create the office of your dreams! Contact us at today.

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