Knowing how to choose office furniture is not a skill we all possess, and the process is no small task. As much as we wish it could be, this isn’t like selecting a new outfit or hairstyle. You can’t change it in hours or weeks when you’ve had a better idea. Because your new office furniture is meant to last for years, it’s definitely not something to rush into. Making an informed choice based on current knowledge and products is imperative, since nobody enjoys buyer’s remorse. Keep in mind that the importance of office furniture lies not just in functionality, but in how it alters the look and feel of the space.

Several factors should be carefully considered before furnishing your space. This includes the needs of individual staffers, group meeting spaces, the budget, and the way you want your office space to be perceived by clients or prospective employees. Not sure how to choose office furniture that will work for your space? You might consider office design services like those offered by CBI Group.

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  • Why it’s vital to design your interior space before you begin selecting furnishings. It’s counterproductive to make furniture selections before you’ve decided if walls are to be knocked down or if you’re still unclear on how many people will be using the space in question. Once you’ve decided on a floor plan and layout, how to choose office furniture will become clearer.
  • Measuring the space. Rooms look totally different when they’re completely empty. But once you move in a desk, shelving, and a chair or three, all that open space closes up quickly. Knowing exactly how much space exists means you know precisely how much you need to fill. Someone who specializes in office design services can show you how to choose office furniture for any layout.
  • Accounting for future growth. It’s vital to think ahead to the future of your business. Will you be incorporating more online interactions with customers? Considering going paperless? Planning for tomorrow as an extension of today is a sound practice that can save you money and time down the road. Office furniture that grows with your business is strategic.
  • How office furniture attracts more talented applicants. Nobody wants to work in an office that seems crowded, dirty, or plain worn out. Having attractive and comfortable furniture is vital for creating a happy work environment. Savvy applicants will take note of whether your staff seems comfortable, productive, and engaged in what they do. Know how to choose office furniture that lets that shine through.
  • How to avoid overpaying for the wrong items. An office design service like CBI Group is essential here. Speaking with professionals can get you inside info on the best bargains and help you decide which items are worth investing in. Maybe inexpensive shelving is a practical choice, but executive desks should look posh and business-like to give the desired impression.
  • Integrating technology into your office furniture plans. Selecting office furniture with technology in mind is crucial, and this can be tricky to navigate. You, or your office design services consultant, should know how to choose office furniture that works well with your current computers, printers, phone systems, and media equipment. This may mean plugs or USB jacks within easy reach, multiple computer shelves, or adjustable monitor stands.
  • The importance of ergonomics and comfort for your employees and their work output. Comfortable employees work harder and longer, their productivity improves, and they’re more flexible about coming in early or staying late. Long-term discomfort at a desk can cause eye strain, headaches, back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. All of that can add up to lost productivity, increased time away from the desk, and lower work output.

Learn how to choose office furniture that solves problems, invites employee and client collaboration, and keeps everyone happy and productive. It may be easier and more affordable than you think! Download your free copy of “7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Office Furniture” today.