When planning your office workspace solutions, are you puzzled about where to place power and data cords? The never-ending twist of ugly, unwieldy cords can be especially troublesome if you've chosen an open office furniture layout to achieve a clean, streamlined, modern look.

CBI Group offers the latest workspace furniture ideas in our free ebook titled How Do Power and Data Work in an Open Office?

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  • Whether you should choose an open layout. While it's one of the latest office workspace solutions to hit the corporate world, this type of design may not be suitable for certain types of work. Consider if an open office is a good fit for your company.
  • How height-adjustable desks can work with power and data cords. Does your office furniture layout include ergonomically-friendly desks that move up and down throughout the day? If so, learn what your options are regarding power and data cords.
  • What to do with all those wires, and why they can be a problem. From the very beginning, any workspace furniture ideas should take into account how your employees will access power and data for their computers, phones and other devices. How many outlets will be needed, and where will they be located? How can the wires route to employee desks so they're not a tripping hazard or an eyesore?
  • How to implement the best office workspace solutions. Planning your office furniture layout is a necessity, but executing that plan is another story. What's the fastest way to put your office in place? And what's the best way to stick to your budget? Learn how to simplify the process.

Do you want office workspace solutions that mesh smoothly with your power and data needs? Then download your free copy of How Do Power and Data Work in an Open Office? today and learn more about your options.