Fully Customized & Modern Designs

The office environment is no longer what it used to be.

Gone are the days of cubicles and bland décor. Now, offices are moving towards an open space and collaborative environment to cater to the changing generation entering the workplace.

In fact, millennials are now the largest population in the workplace, so it’s important to offer an updated environment to work in. But office space planning can take up an enormous amount of time. From the design, to execution, to ordering, and finally, to assembling all the furniture, it’s a hefty task for a company of any size to undertake. This is where we step in – with over 30 years of experience, CBI Group would be happy to handle your office space planning in San Antonio, TX.

Where to Begin? Schedule a Consultation

The first step in your office space planning project is to schedule your consultation with us. Your initial consultation with us is at no cost and risk-free, so you can see what we’re all about before making the big commitment. During our consultation, we’ll review the following of your business:

  • Design – What’s your dream office space design? Adjustable desks? Dry erase walls? The most exciting waiting room? Our team of designers will help you envision the best environment for your business and how we can achieve a smooth transition in your existing office space.
  • Size of Your Business – Do you need space for 10 or 100? Together, we’ll discuss seating options, workstation sizes, and determine how much storage space you’ll need. For offices both big and small, we offer modular furniture that can easily fit up to 12 employees.
  • Goals Of Office Space Plan – We’ll determine what you want the outcome of your office space planning to be. Do you aim to have the most modern waiting room for patients? Have a collaborative group space for employees? Or do you want the most relaxing break room a business can have? We’ll work together to determine which office furniture solutions will best fit your goals.
  • Branding – Not all offices are the same, and our design team will take your businesses’ logo and branding elements to be sure your design fits your brand. We don’t aim to rebrand your office, we aim to refurbish your office.
  • Budget – Of course, as with any project, we’ll discuss how to plan the office of your dreams within a realistic budget. Our Finance team will assist in all aspects of budgeting your project efficiently.

Every project we take at CBI Group is designated its own project consultant, lead designer, and project manager to ensure all steps of your office space planning runs smoothly.

Visit Our Office Furniture Showroom

Not sure what your initial design should be?

Stop by our large office furniture showroom to sample our modern office furniture for yourself. The best source of inspiration, our showroom displays a variety of office furniture to fit any type of business. We have everything an office needs, including workstations, storage solutions, waiting room furniture, conference room furniture, basic décor, and of course, traditional office chairs and office desks. Even if you don’t see your dream furniture in our showroom, we can customize our furniture options to fit your offices’ needs.

Our Reviews and Case Studies Speak for Themselves

With a 4.6-star average on our Google Reviews, it’s clear why our team has been in the office space planning business for over 30 years. Banks, marketing agencies, design firms, auto dealerships, and many other types of businesses across San Antonio and Austin have trusted CBI Group to handle multiple design projects. Contact us today to set up your free consultation, and learn about the other services CBI Group offers, including relocation services.

Our San Antonio & Austin Office space planning services are just what you need!

Call us to begin planning your office space planning project today: 210-655-3375.