Modular Office Workstations in San Antonio

The invention of the cubicle in 1964 was meant to empower people in an office environment. Times have changed drastically since then, and so has the design of traditional office workstations. With one in three employees worldwide considering themselves “disengaged” at work, it is vital that an office environment cultivates creativity, teamwork, and inspiration. We specialize in modern office workstationsfor businesses of all sizes and can even design custom office layouts to suit your businesses’ unique identity. Since 2003, we have redesigned numerous offices in South Texas, including banks, call centers, and even car dealerships. Whatever your business needs are, we can design the right fit for your new office workstations.

Our Showroom Displays Just a Fraction of Our Office Workstations

Located in northeast San Antonio, our 80,000-square-foot furniture showroom offers plenty of options for offices and businesses of all types. In addition to our existing office workstations, we also specialize in modular desks to make transforming an open office plan to a private work space simple. Increase comfort and flexibility with one of our ergonomic workstations. When you visit our showroom, you will see that there’s more to office furniture than rolling chairs and wooden desks. Some of our innovative designs in office workstations include dry erase dividers, convenient overhead storage, and 120-degree workstations. Come and sample our office furniture for yourself at our showroom, and allow our team of experienced designers to find the best fit for your business.

Inspire Your Workspace With Collaborative Office Furniture

On every project we lead, we keep our mission in mind: “Inspire Your Workspace.” To us, this motto expands beyond refurnishing your workspace. We want the experience provided to be inspiring, from our customer service all the way down to the final touches. At CBI Group, we are proud of our ability to transform offices of all types with our collaborative office furniture. Not only will project leads be motivated, but your employees will also be inspired with their new collaborative workspace. Many studies have shown office productivity to increase when employees enjoy their workspace, and CBI Group is proud to be a small part of this improvement.

Working Collaboratively to Create Your Perfect Office Space

Have specific office furniture needs? Let us construct the office of your dreams with our unique custom office workstations.Whether you have 1,000 or 10,000 square feet to work with, we can furnish any type of business with sustainable office workstations. From maximizing a small amount of space to enhancing the environment of an existing office or customizing office furniture with new branding, our team has you covered. Our designers keep your budget and timeline in mind with all projects, eliminating the hassle of the guessing game when typically dealing with renovations. We will always maintain contact with you regarding your new office workstations and alert you of any delays in productivity.

Office Furniture for All Workstations

We don’t just plan out your floorplan and leave you to do all the hard work. In addition to specifying a layout for your new office, we will help you decide which furniture will provide what your business requires. Once everything is selected to your company’s new look, our team of installers will set up your new office workstations,complete with wiring solutions, so you don’t have to worry about hooking up electronics yourself. Whether you’re looking for chairs, desks, storage cabinets — or even if you would like to include a workout room in your office — we have all your office furniture needs.

The CBI Difference: All Projects Are Completed by Us

When you choose CBI Group for your office furniture renovation, you don’t have to worry about contacting multiple vendors, movers, and suppliers. Every piece of our workplace renovations is completed in-house. From the time you contact us to the time your collaborative workspace is ready to be viewed, CBI Group is involved. Here are just a few parts of our hard-working team:

  • Project Consultants — Every project is designated its own Project Consultant. These are experienced professionals who take the lead in communication and execution in each project. They will be your main point of contact through each process of your redesign and update you on the progress of your new collaborative office.
  • Lead Designer — No redesign project can be complete without a Lead Designer. They will coordinate each aspect of design in your new office. They will also provide furniture and color recommendations, inspire with new concepts, and implement your company’s culture and vision into your new workspace.
  • Project Manager — Different from Project Consultants, a Project Manager oversees all field work and scheduling, so you can enjoy your new collaborative workspace in the quickest amount of time, all without sacrificing the quality of your remodel.
  • Finance and Administration — Our Finance and Administration team pulls the entire project together. They will handle all billing and payment procedures and can discuss payment options to fit any budget. They can even provide leasing options, if needed. All payment and customer service inquiries will be directed to this team.

So, why choose CBI Group for your new office workstations? We guarantee your satisfaction in each phase of your project. In working with us, you’ll see why over 64 businesses in South Texas have chosen us to complete their new office space. We aim to be the new standard of design in office environments: no outsourcing, no third parties. CBI Group completes every project.

Contact us today, or stop by our furniture showroom to view our office workstations and see why numerous high-profile companies picked us to renovate their offices. Overwhelmed by options? Take a look at one of our many case studies showcasing cutting-edge design.