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CBI Group offers top of the line office storage solutions of all sizes. Whether you have hundreds of patient records to hold, important employee documents, or just looking for convenient desk storage solutions, our office furniture showroom, located in San Antonio, TX, has the best option for you.

Our sleek, modern storage solutions surpass the look of traditional, bulky storage options for offices. Together, our team of experts can meet with you and help you choose the best office storage solutions that fit both your office style and budget. Let us show you your options and browse our storage solutions below.

Laminate and Steel Storage Options

We offer two types of material for your storage options: steel and laminate.

The material type depends on your office preference as well as where the storage is going to be placed. Our laminate storage options are best for overhead desk storage for maximizing small spaces. A unique feature of our some of our laminate office storage options is the option for a dry-erase cabinet, so your employees can utilize a normally bland space. In need of heavy-duty storage? Our steel storage options are ideal for heavier storage items, such as office supply storage. Select metal storage options also offer mobile options, for easy transport between offices.

File Boxes and Pedestals

With collaboration in mind, our storage options are available with cushion toppers to provide comfort for casual environments. Our file boxes and pedestals also come in lockable designs, so you don’t have to worry about compromising any potentially confidential information. Available in both steel and laminate finishes, our file boxes and pedestals come in five different finishes. Stop by our San Antonio office furniture showroom and feel the difference in our office storage options.

Open Shelves and Bookcases

Display books, awards, photos, or anything else in your office with our bookcases and open shelves. Our laminate bookshelves come in a variety of options that also contain bookcase doors for added privacy. Available in two finishes, our laminate shelves and bookcases can also be custom-designed with both finishes, to amplify the modern aesthetic. Simple in design, but highly functional, our metal shelves also include optional locking casters to prevent your shelves from moving. All shelves and bookcases are highly compatible with our full collection of office furniture to create a cohesive office look.

Credenzas and Desk Hutches

At CBI Group, we supply a variety of credenzas and office desk hutches that complement our existing office furniture lines. Our laminate credenza storage comes in a variety of accent top options to give you the exact look your after. Similar to our desk storage options, our conference credenzas are lockable to protect your private information. We also supply both laminate and steel desk hutches to serve as overhead storage for office desks. Available in both open designs and sliding door options, our laminate desk hutches can also serve as a dry-erase board to increase productivity amongst employees.

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Our spacious office furniture showroom in San Antonio, TX displays our finest office storage solutions fit for any style of office. Stop by and meet with your design consultants to get your dream office started. Still unsure of which conference room furniture is best for you?

Contact us and a member of our furniture team will reach out to you. CBI Group has been serving the San Antonio area with its office furniture designs for over 30 years, and we remain on top of design trends to provide you with the most innovative office furniture.

Browse our gallery and case studies to explore our selections online and see why so many companies have chosen us to renovate their offices.

These images show a sample of our typical office storage solutions.