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You've already started the perfect business, and assembled the perfect staff. Now all you need is to create the perfect environment for them to work and thrive in. That environment starts with selecting the best office furniture, and especially office desks, for the job. The right office desk can make all the difference in how your staffers work alone, how they interact with each other, and even how they're perceived by clients and potential new hires.

Maybe you didn't know office desks could be so complicated. CBI offers a wide variety of desks that combine functionality with style—most of which fit comfortably into your existing budget.

CBI Group sells office desks at our San Antonio, TX office furniture showroom. Our selection includes:

Standing Desks

Many employees prefer standing during the work day. Standing is believed to reduce back and shoulder strain, and to encourage better breathing and alertness.

Adjustable Desks

If your employees share desks, or prefer to sit for only part of their work day—a desk that adjust for seated or standing work is ideal.

Collaborative Desks

Encouraging teamwork can be achieved by providing a space where employees can huddle up, face each other, and pool their resources to make great things happen.

Executive Desks

Thought by some to be "old school," these are impressive work spaces ready to meet the needs of those doing the biggest jobs.

Modular Desks

When your company is growing and changing, being able to take apart, store efficiently, or rearrange office desks into new configurations is a wonderful option to have.

Computer Desks

Computer desks are designed with accoutrements to keep power and data cords neat and out of sight, while providing plenty of workspace.

Corner Desks

Space saving corner desks are excellent when making the most out of small space.

Conference Tables

CBI Group offers conference tables in a wide variety of styles, materials, designs, and even adjustability for standing or seated meetings.

Visit our office furniture showroom in San Antonio, TX today to see and experience our office desk selection!

Not sure which office desk is best for which job? Your staff will no doubt have suggestions. CBI Group specialists are happy to meet you at their warehouse, where you can check out an array of office furniture—including office desks. There's no substitute for seeing and touching desks and other furniture before you buy. While CBI Group sources many of its office furniture from Clear Design, they have connections with every major vendor.

Contact our San Antonio office for more information or to arrange a visit to our showroom. Email: INSPIRE@CBI-OFFICE.COM

These images show a sample of our typical office desk products. Our large selection of available products and ranges allow us to fit the taste and budget of virtually any client. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.