Not Just Where You Get Your Work Done

Encouraging your employees to work together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects is often best accomplished by giving them the right space and enough time to get it done. While collaborative office desks may be fixed (stay the same) or be modular (changed and reorganized to precisely fit the task at hand), one thing is for certain: the office environment you create with collaborative office desks is sure to pay for itself in increased productivity and employee innovation.

Why Desks Matter

Your employees spend a lot of time at their desk. Whether they’re taking phone calls, brainstorming with coworkers, eating lunch, or tending to fussy spreadsheets or paperwork, a desk is a vital component of any office workspace. Collaborative office desks should be large enough to hold what’s required while still conserving space. The desk also needs to be ergonomically sound and comfortable for any and all employees who will use it. And if flexibility is needed, then collaborative office desks—particularly modular desks—can be rearranged depending on the type of work at hand.

Expert Assistance

Not sure what you’re looking for? The professionals at CBI Group want to know everything about your industry, office culture, space, and budget requirements to help you find the best solutions for your business. Whether you’re seeking a traditional wooden desk, a modern collaborative office desk, modular shelving, glass tables, old-fashioned conference room furniture, or a height adjustable standing office desk, San Antonio is the home of our showroom—where you can see everything CBI Group has to offer. And if you still can’t find exactly what you’ve envisioned for your office, consider custom built desks, workstations, or shelving. Whatever your vision, CBI Group can make it a reality.

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Every business relies on their staff to do the best job possible. Your employees rely on you to provide the best tools possible to do their jobs, and do them well. When it comes to choosing the right office desk, San Antonio relies on one source: CBI Group. That’s because CBI Group offers an unsurpassed variety of individual and collaborative office desks, custom built desks, and modular office furniture to meet the changing needs of your growing company.

Contact our San Antonio office for more information or to arrange a visit to our showroom. Email: INSPIRE@CBI-OFFICE.COM

These images show a sample of our typical office desk solutions. Our large selection of available products and ranges allow us to fit the taste and budget of virtually any client. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.