It's not just a place to sit

Everyone agrees – having a comfortable office chair matters. What most people don’t realize? Exactly how much. The average office worker spends 55 percent of his workday sitting at a desk. That translates to over 24 hours in one week, 45 days in one year and 5 years over the course of a lifetime! With this in mind, there is NOT a more important piece of furniture in your entire office.

At CBI, we work meticulously with our clients to determine their unique chair, seating and office needs. That means taking into account things like overall brand compatibility, ergonomic functionality and budget. Put simply, we’ll help you find chairs your employees look forward to sitting in.

These images show a sample of our typical office chairs and seating solutions. Our large selection of office chairs in San Antonio and Austin allow us to fit the taste and budget of virtually any client. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.