When it comes to office design solutions, San Antonio businesses put their trust in CBI Group. That’s because we specialize in finding unique solutions that work just for you. CBI Group is far more than a catalog company that lets you choose furniture from a picture on a website. Sure, you can peruse photos of collaborative office environments on our website, but that’s only the first step in your journey toward installing a framework that enhances every aspect of your business.

Our collaborative office space design process

Our design consultants at CBI Group use a process that begins with you. We want to know every detail about your business, your staff, and what you hope to achieve with your office redesign. Tell us where your company is going and how you plan to get there, and we’ll develop solutions that meet your needs, work with your space, and stay within your budget. Based on what you tell us, our consultants can develop an array of ideas that can be discussed and refined and result in an attractive and highly functional space for your staff to accomplish their best work.

Vist our showroom to get planning ideas and help

What if you’re not exactly sure what you need in terms of office design services? Our San Antonio, TX showroom tours can help. Even if you’ve never designed an entire office before, trying out the chairs and looking closely at desks, shelving, and other furniture options is sure to inspire you. The design consultants at CBI Group can help you determine if your space is best served by a collaborative office environment, a series of matching desks, or something else entirely.

When can I see these ideas rendered for my office furniture?

You’re no doubt excited—and maybe a little nervous—about investing in office space planning services. Our San Antonio showroom has hundreds of options for ergonomic chairs, modular tables and desks, creative shelving options, and even solutions for power and data management. After gathering a complete understanding of your business, space requirements, and company culture, our designers will create unique office solutions that perfectly match your specifications—and present them to you as full-color, 3-D renderings. That means you can see how everything will look in your space before making a final decision. This doesn’t just include a black and white floor plan. Our design team will assemble a detailed scaled rendering that includes colors and finishes of your new pieces so you can make your selections with confidence.

Sometimes you’re not exactly sure what you need, but you know it when you see it. That’s another excellent reason to utilize the design consultants at CBI Group. Maybe low-walled cubicles or a collaborative office space design sounded like a great idea, but just won’t work with your space. Finding that out with a 3-D rendering is far better than buying furniture, deciding it was a bad choice, and then sending it all back. Who has time for that? After a few meetings with the design consultants at CBI Group, you know your new office will be perfect before a single chair is shipped.

What about the cost?

CBI Group’s office design services and San Antonio showroom and inventory are stocked enough to furnish up to 1,000 offices at a week’s notice. Pretty amazing, right? Imagine setting up collaborative office environments or private office solutions for your staff by this time next week! Best of all, CBI Group is able to provide the best prices to our customers thanks to our robust business. Our unique position in the supply chain allows us to offer prices on par with used furniture—even though you’re getting a custom design and all new pieces.

Request a free consultation or estimate for your office furniture, Texas businesses!

To learn more about our complete design package or to inquire about costs, contact CBI Group for a free estimate. Check out the many design ideas at our website. Or make an appointment to discuss office design solutions at our San Antonio showroom. We’d love to meet with you and discuss how to help your team reach their full potential.