Adjustable Height Conference Table Benefits

  • Improved posture
  • Customizable
  • Supports weight loss
  • Improves circulation

At CBI Group, we showcase various standing height tables in our large office furniture showroom, including elite motorized table models. Sample our adjustable desks in person at our showroom and experience the difference or yourself. Our standing desks come in many finishes and boast various features to benefit your office space.

Motorized and Non-Motorized Adjustable Tables

Our inventory features both motorized and non-motorized adjustable height conference tables to suite any preference or project budget. With our motorized adjustable tables, simply press a button and watch your desk adjust to your height. Designed to move smoothly and quietly, it’s easy to adjust your desk to the optimal height that suits you. Got a ton of equipment? Our motorized adjustable tables can hold a hefty 470 lbs.

Our non-motorized models prove to be just as efficient and comfortable as our motorized options. With a few quick motions, you can adjust your desk easily to switch from sitting to standing. At CBI Group, our goal is to make any office furniture change a smooth transition, so you can be sure we’ll install all adjustable tables efficiently and make sure your entire team knows the best way to adjust their standing desk – whether it’s motorized or not.

Types of Adjustable Height Standing Desks

We feature stand-alone, L-shaped, and 120-degree adjustable height desks, each with their own specific set of features designed to improve your offices’ productivity.

  • Stand-Alone Adjustable Height Conference Table – The most common selection for adjustable height conference tables, the stand-alone adjustable table can be designed to fit one employee or 10 employees in a conference room. A unique feature of our stand-alone model is the digital handset with custom presets, so you never have to memorize the ideal conference table height for meetings. Simply press a button, and the height will be adjusted at a reasonable speed.
  • L-Shape Adjustable Workstations – Our L-Shape adjustable desk is perfect for providing your employees with extra space or maximizing space in a smaller office. With a triple motor system, adjusting the height of your standing desk is quick and quiet, producing less than 58dB of sound (which is probably quitter than your offices’ air conditioning unit!)
  • 120-Degree Height Adjustable Desks – Our 120-Degree models attach to many of the dividers in our office furniture workstation, providing your employees with ample space and privacy. The three-stage base prevents any wobbly motions when adjusting the height of the desk and includes a triple motor system designed to provide a smooth height transition.

All our adjustable height tables and workstations come with a 5-year warranty, so you can be sure your investment is worthwhile. Every adjustable height desk CBI group offers also comes with convenient cable management compartments, so no device is accidentally unplugged when adjusting your desk. The solid aluminum frame system is not only durable, but also provides a sleek look to amplify any office floorplan.

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