DATE: 04/04/2017

The conference room: it’s a crucial part of the office. It can be so nice to get away from your desk and spend a little time collaborating with bosses and fellow teammates. Something about a conference room lets people know that it’s time to put heads together and make great things happen.

Unfortunately, not every business or workplace has the room for a dedicated conference area. When meetings aren’t being held, it doesn’t make sense to have a room sitting vacant when your staff could be putting it to productive use. That’s where modular tables for conference rooms come into play. Utilizing modular tables for conference rooms allows you to have that all-important meeting area when you need it. When you don’t, that room can double as a viewing room, collaborative workspace, training area, or whatever else your business demands.

Not familiar with modular tables for conference rooms? That’s okay, not everyone is. Once you see everything they can do, you may wonder how you lived without these amazing adjustable conference tables for so long. Here are a few reasons why modular tables for conference rooms are a great choice:

  • These versatile tables can be configured in a variety of ways to work as a conference table. They can be straight and long, square, even U-shaped, allowing a speaker or screen to utilize that space in the center.
  • Modular tables for conference rooms can also be reconfigured into a series of desks for individual work. These are especially handy for phone banks or other times when you need a few extra desks.
  • Adjustable conference tables can be customized with a variety of heights, so your employees can stand or sit as they so choose.
  • A long table can be turned into a workstation for groups collaborating on big projects.
  • Modular tables can be used to arrange the perfect space for interviews and evaluations.

No matter how you decide to arrange your modular tables for conference rooms, we think you’ll be amazed at how much they can do. To check out adjustable conference tables and other great office furniture solutions, contact CBI Group online, or call 210-655-3375.