DATE: 05/12/2015

Your office receptionist is often your customers’ first point of contact with your business. Whether they’re fielding customer service inquiries via phone/email or greeting customers face to face, they are representing the brand of your company. Translation: It’s important to keep your receptionist happy. According to a recent study conducted by Dimensional Research, respondents who suffered a bad customer service interaction were 50 percent more likely to share it on social media than those who had good experiences and 52 percent more likely to share it on online review sites, such as Yelp. With the rise in social sharing, it’s no wonder businesses are paying more attention to customer service than ever before. While there are many ways to create outstanding service experiences, one of the easiest is to take care of your receptionist. And, since no one else sits at his, or her, desk for longer periods of time, choosing quality office reception furniture is an ideal place to start. Let’s review 3 things to consider when choosing office reception furniture:

1. Invest In a High-Quality Office Chair

While there are always places one can “cut corners” to stay on budget, the office chair is NOT one of them. Numerous studies indicate human beings simply have not evolved to sit for as long as most office jobs require. Many stress, lumbar and postural alignment issues can be mitigated, or eliminated, with a high quality office chair.

2. Choose a Strategic Desk Solution

Besides being the first-point-of-contact for your business, your receptionist is likely responsible for a variety of tasks, including: organizing, filing, and documenting. He, or she, is also likely to work with a high degree of autonomy, accomplishing tasks with little to no supervision. Investing in a desk, such as one of these, that is built with her specific tasks in mind will increase his, or her, productivity.

3. Choose Furniture That Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Again, you’re not just selecting furniture, you’re making a brand statement. The receptionist’s work area sits at the front of the office for all eyes to see. Choosing furniture that is in alignment with your brand’s style will create greater continuity and perceived brand value. Aesthetic options to consider include furniture material, color and design. Questions to ask yourself include: Is my brand more traditional or more modern? Does my company logo include any colors I would like to emphasis?