DATE: 09/17/2015

If you haven’t asked yourself what your organization is doing to attract and retain top talent, you’re missing out. And if you haven’t considered how furnishing your office could easily support those efforts, you’re really missing out! More on that in a moment.

In 2012, something revolutionary happened – for the first time in U.S. history, the number of young workers entering the labor market wasn’t enough to replace those who were leaving. According to a recent report by, the improving economy will continue to favor passive and active job seekers, and employers will need to be more competitive when it comes to attracting the best candidates in 2015.

Most human resources and hiring experts agree that maintaining a desirable company culture will be pivotal to employee retention moving forward. Which begs the questions: What constitutes a desirable culture? And how does one go about creating it?

Your company culture is your brand, and we’ve spoken about “brand” before. Your brand is more than a logo; it’s the consistent experience you want key stakeholders to have when interacting with you – and that includes your staff. Research shows desirable, internal brand cultures consistently have a few traits in common. They:

  • Put their employees first (respect + consideration are paramount)
  • Create an environment of trust
  • Think of employees as “team members”
  • Assess emotional intelligence during the hiring process
  • Offer aesthetically pleasing + comfortable work environments

While there's no guarantee taking these steps would fill every open position in your company, solid research of the top 10 percent of U.S. companies suggest the approach yields optimal results. As you would expect, our specialty is creating work environments people actually want to spend time in. On average, employees spend one-third of their days at work. And it’s just common sense that the average person would rather work in a cool, beautiful environment than a boring, lackluster one when given the option!

Perhaps, workplace design expert Jeff Chaitman said it best in an interview with “Companies of all shapes and sizes, from Apple to Zappos, are realizing the benefits of great office design. The common thread throughout is a boost in innovation and creative thinking, employee retention, and overall engagement. The result is a workplace employees want to go to on a daily basis.”

You can create a workspace that motivates employees to produce high-quality work by furnishing it with modern, high-quality pieces (remember, quality does necessarily mean expensive); setting-up collaborative spaces that encourage group engagement; and making innovative decor choices that feel more “loft-like” than “corporate office.”

Sound good, but not sure where to start? At CBI, we have more than 20 years of experience in the interior solutions industry. Click Here to set-up a free consultation; we’ll make personalized recommendations on how to furnish your office to attract the talent you need.