DATE: 03/07/2017

POSTED IN: Office Inspiration

When was the last time you sat down and made a list of everything you do to keep your business running smoothly? You probably work with department heads to ensure that everyone is on the same page. You decide the direction the business is going and how it will adapt to seasonal or market changes. Then there’s staffing and training, client relations and community outreach. You may also be dealing with the chain of supply, transportation issues, inventory management and growing your customer base. With all that to think about, it’s no wonder that you haven’t taken the time to research office design solutions.

No matter how much training you have or how passionately you feel about running your business, you can’t expect yourself to have infinite knowledge of every aspect of your company. When it’s time to set up or renovate your office space, it makes sense to get a little help coming up with office design solutions. In fact, hiring an office design solutions planner may be the smartest move you can make, as it can save you money and time over the trial-and-error that comes with doing everything yourself.

What is an office design solutions planner? It’s someone who specializes in creating an office environment that matches your company’s culture, building space, staff, and products, and helps you manage all of it in a way that works with your budget. As someone who certainly specializes in one or two aspects of a business, you know that there’s no substitute for experience and expertise. Office design may seem as easy as throwing together a few desks and a printer table, but to truly get the most out of your space, your staff, and your budget, you need the services of a design professional.

When you hire someone with experience in office design solutions, they’ll evaluate your workspace design from the ground up. They can help you configure desks, storage, meeting rooms, reception or waiting areas—whatever your business requires—in a way that works for the space and employees that you have. Not only that, but a design professional can help you plan for the future. As your business and client base grow, your office space, equipment, and furnishings have to keep up. Remember, design solutions aren’t just about looks. They’re about getting the full value on your investment in office design, so your employees have the tools they need to excel in their work.

The first step is to consult with an office design solutions planner. Bring a list with you of all the things you need your workspace to accomplish. Write down any ideas you have. Assemble pictures of office styles you like, along with photos or blueprints of your existing space. The planner can use all of that information to come up with a variety of solutions. While no one knows your business better than you do, an office design planner is sure to have ideas you haven’t thought of.

The next step could be to visit a showroom to see the pieces in person. Looking at a photo of a desk or sofa can tell you some things about it. But running your hand along the fabric, touching the surface of a desk or table, seeing shelving units assembled in person—that kind of information simply can’t be gleaned from a catalog or a website. Once you’ve seen the furniture for yourself, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want. It always feels better to choose with confidence.

Hiring a professional office design solutions planner is a smart move. Whether your office has a vintage style or contemporary flair, the furnishings you choose will influence every aspect of your business. The office design solutions that you decide on set the tone for all your interactions with customers, suppliers, prospective employees, and everyone else who has business with you. Contact CBI-Group to set up a free consultation with a design professional. It may be the best business decision you ever make.