DATE: 06/25/2014

Some business owners will answer, “Absolutely nothing!” Others, if they’re being more honest: “Where do I start?” If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with your office furniture interiors, ask your employees what they think. They will tell you the truth (if you insist on it). Some of their concerns may involve the space looking and feeling:

  • Cluttered and disorganized
  • Isolated from the outside world
  • Dark and dingy
  • Cramped and claustrophobic
  • Uninspiring and depressing

Most employers don’t want to believe the workplace they provide is any of these things – so if you learn that your staff feels this way, it is definitely time for a change. The good news is, it doesn’t take much to transform a space suffering from these maladies. All it takes is some sincere effort towards improving your office furniture interiors. Here are three easy ways to get started.

Let the light in. Natural light, of course. Your staff wants a delicate balance of sunlight and shade, so where there are windows, let people work near them. Hopefully, there are shade trees outside for just the right amount of shadow; nobody wants to be blinded. They just want to feel like they’re part of the beautiful day going on outside! Help them feel that way at their workstations, and they will be more productive while at their desks – with fewer breaks than before.

Cut the clutter. Nobody wants to work in a messy office. If you are the keeper of the castle and there is clutter everywhere, the buck stops with you and it’s time to invest in some furniture that minimizes it. File cabinets, shelving and desks with more drawers can replace the ugly file boxes all over your floor; your staff will be grateful, and you’ll feel good about being more organized.

Get inspired. If you can come up with a vision for the office, your staff is likely to get on board behind you. Even if you don’t share the same style preferences, smart employees know that your improvements will be better than no change at all. You can start researching your options now; we have the office furniture interiors you need to get started.