DATE: 06/19/2015

Picture this.

You receive a flyer in the mail to check-out a new restaurant in town. It’s a Latin-American fusion steakhouse. The flyer uses words like “premium,” “original,” and “luxurious.” Considering you love a good slab of beef (and now have a $10 coupon), you decide to try the place for your upcoming anniversary dinner.

Fast-forward one week – you arrive at the restaurant. Antique wooden furniture, cheaply framed posters and an extravagant fish tank come into view. This was not the romantic setting you had in mind. The food may have been alright, but you’re probably not going back. You now associate the place with feeling disappointed, let down and a bit “tricked.”

The restaurant’s only mistake? Inconsistency

Businesses build trust by verbally and visually communicating a consistent brand message (and of course, delivering). Your company is no different. If you're presenting yourself one way in your marketing and “showing up” another in your corporate office environment, your customers are more likely to hesitate when it comes to writing you a check. Why?

Because they don’t trust you. Of course, most businesses aren’t showing inconsistent brand messages because they are deceitful. They either haven’t realized they’re doing it or haven’t taken the time to plan an appropriate message. Since your corporate office furniture is a physical representation of your brand, it’s worth taking the time to evaluate what kind of message you want to send:

1. Modern Furniture

Modern office furniture says, “We’re innovative, forward thinking and premium.” It features clean lines and minimal details, coming in a variety of colors and finishes (ie. materials include glass, acrylics and metals). One of the great things about modern furniture is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space – great for smaller spaces.It Works Best For Companies:

  • Targeting younger demographics.
  • Working in creative, cutting-edge industries.
  • Traditional companies putting a “new spin” on business as usual.

2. Traditional Furniture

Traditional furniture says, “We’re experienced, trustworthy and professional.” It’s look can range from your mom & pop’s antique classics to updated versions of old favorites. It often features wood (or wood composite materials), heavy hardware and sometimes, ornate details. One of the wonderful aspects of traditional furniture is that when “the right” pieces are chosen it’s timeless.

It Works Best For Companies:

  • Targeting older demographics.
  • Working in traditional industries (no surprise there)!
  • Companies that want to convey “old-fashioned” values.

3. Eclectic Furniture

When done right, an eclectic furnishing arrangement can offer the best of both worlds: the clean lines and space-saving features of the modern plus the character and charm of the traditional. When done wrong, it can just look like an inconsistent mess! A smart eclectic arrangement can add class, personality and sophistication to any organization.

Need some help doing it right? At CBI, we have more than 30 years of experience in the San Antonio interior furnishings industry.