DATE: 05/26/2017

For some business owners and bosses, it isn’t easy to admit that office furniture planning services could be useful. Most of us think of ourselves as creative people who can pull a room together with ease. But the truth is, there’s a lot more involved in office furniture planning than having a good eye for carpets or chairs. Designing and planning a high functioning office that provides flexibility for staff, is welcoming to clients, and all falls together under budget—that’s a tall order.

At CBI Group, office furniture planning involves a multi-step process that begins with you talking to us about every aspect of your business and corporate culture. We want to know what works about your current office plan and what doesn’t. Tell us about your staff, your plans to grow your business for the future, and even what you’d do if you had a magic wand and anything was possible. Our office furniture planning specialists will take your ideas, design concepts, space and budgetary restraints and come up with an array of design ideas.

Our office design concepts are presented to you, not as a series of black and white floor plans, but as full-color renderings. You already know why a functional office is important. Having a great looking office is just as vital. Your staff will appreciate it, and your clients will value a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that keeps them at ease and reminds them that they’re in good hands.

The look, feel, and productivity level of your office are all essential to any successful business. Some even say that effective office furniture planning lays the groundwork upon which a high functioning business is built. You might be fascinated to hear the suggestions that an office design professional has—things that might never occur to your or your staff.

To get an estimate or make an appointment with an office furniture planning specialist, contact CBI Group online, or by calling 210-655-3375.