DATE: 02/28/2018

An office employee might tell you that working amid rows of boxy office cubicles can be isolating. Conversely, open office plans have their uses but aren't right for every business. Wouldn't it be great if there was something that offered the distraction-free environment of cubicles but with more light, airflow, and visibility? There is! Collaborative cubicles are the perfect mixture of privacy and openness.

You may be wondering how a cubicle can foster collaboration. Start by lowering the walls that separate your employees from each other — literally. Shorter cubicle walls can still conceal sensitive documents or data from prying eyes. But they also allow your team to make eye contact, converse, and collaborate on problem solving without needing a separate meeting space.

Collaborative cubicles may face each other, be arranged in a straight line, or moved into any shape that works for your team. Most office employees need privacy sometimes, and can benefit from employee interaction on other tasks. This type of low-wall cubical setup works primarily because of its flexibility. If it's combined with an informal meeting area where larger groups can congregate, that offers even more versatility.

Modern cubicle designs run the gamut from rounded triangles with dividers in the center, to side-by-side rows with privacy walls in between. Collaborative cubicles may seat two, three, or a large group of employees, depending on what the situation demands. Modular versions offer increased adaptability and can be pushed apart or connected as needed.

What's the best way to get started with collaborative cubicles? Begin by talking with your staff about what they'd like to improve about their current workspace. If you're unsure of how to proceed, contact an office design specialist with CBI Group. Their experience can help you find collaborative cubicles, seating, storage, and even data and power solutions for your newly revamped office space. To make an appointment with an office design specialist, contact CBI Group today.