DATE: 06/04/2014

In addition to offering the best office furniture in San Antonio, CBI Office proudly offers value-added services to the enterprises of the area. One of the most popular services we provide is office relocation, which entails helping the entire office get packed up, moved out and moved in again. We have done this for thousands of offices and other workplace facilities from all types of industries, and we can do it for yours, too. Here are just a few of the things we can do during an office relocation:

  • Safely disconnect computers, dismantle server rooms and remove phone systems
  • Carefully remove filing systems so their contents will be undisturbed
  • Move medical equipment and machinery using best practices that keep the items intact
  • Remove wall-mounted televisions and other equipment, then install them in the new location

These are just some the services we can provide when you elect to have us help you move your office to its new location. This isn’t a job you want to attempt yourself, and you don’t want traditional movers doing this for you. They may do their jobs well, but they don’t specialize in moving offices.

Remember, relocating a household is very different than relocating a workplace – especially a workplace that contains sensitive, valuable and critical electronic equipment. If that equipment is designed for medical applications, the risks are compounded even further. That’s why you need an office relocation service that is specifically trained to move businesses – not homes.

Whether or not you have ever contacted us about office furniture in San Antonio, we welcome you to call CBI Office to discuss your office relocation project. Please book our services as far in advance as possible, so we can accommodate you easily. We look forward to helping you!