DATE: 07/01/2014

And, what does this have to do with office furniture interiors? Plenty – but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s focus on the mutual characteristics that creative people share. It seems a little stereotypical to state that creative people tend to be energetic, or even optimistic; plus, that isn’t always accurate. Instead, let’s look at some qualities of the creative worker that are less obvious, while making them highly effective.

1. Creative people milk everything.

Creative people make more use out of their mental “material,” so to speak. Research has shown that creative people use more of their brainpower to solve problems and complete tasks. If you put multiple creatives together on a project, you can encourage them to milk their combined mental material for all its worth – and they probably will.

2. Creative people think things through.

It’s tempting to tell employees not to overthink things, but for the creative worker, overthinking things is the only way to process information. Sure, there can be drawbacks to this – but think about the advantages, too. Because a creative person thinks about everything that can go wrong, he will spend more mental energy trying to do something right. This makes him a valuable asset for working with clients and heading up important projects.

3. Creative people are more curious.

When a creative person is asking questions, he doesn’t simply take the information at face value. His brain knows right away what follow up questions to ask, so that he can get the most information possible out of the interaction with his client, colleague or superior. This is a great ability that you want to have in an employee.

As we said, putting several creative people together to collaborate with one another is a smart management strategy. Of course, that’s where office furniture interiors come in: You want the creatives on your team to have a workspace that comfortably accommodates everyone and encourages idea sharing. At CBI Office, we can help you design a workspace for your most productive, thoughtful, and curious creatives.