DATE: 12/04/2016

POSTED IN: Office Inspiration

What’s Killing Your Workspace? And How to Kill It … Before It Kills Your Business

Also known as: How to retain your business. Are you suffering from a badly designed workspace? Take a look around your workspace. Does it make you feel … Unproductive? Embarrassed? Claustrophobic? Isolated? Like “Dilbert”?

Do you know how to make it feel … Inspiring. Productive. Open. Organized. Energized.

Fact: Making changes to your office without clearly defined goals results in a waste of … Time! Money! Energy! Resources! Keep in mind, most importantly … These mistakes are avoidable. These mistakes are common.

By defining your goals, you can make your workspace … Inspiring. Friendly. Collaborative. Motivating. Stimulating. Bright. Budget-validated. Clean. Aesthetically pleasing. Outrageously productive. Something to brag about. Fact: The key elements to today’s businesses are … Feel, culture, and atmosphere.

Recap: Poorly designed offices will kill your workspace. Offices need to be planned with goals in mind. A well-planned office will revolutionize your workplace. Submit your results from the “Workplace Vision Creator” on our website to us to get an office interior recommendation from our Design Team!


What’s killing workspaces are poorly designed offices that lack a plan. Contact CBI Group, one of the best office furniture companies in the San Antonio and Austin areas, to start developing your plan for an inspiring, productive, and motivating workspace today.