DATE: 12/04/2016

POSTED IN: Testimonials

Matt Ewald—AH Beck—Video Testimonial for CBI Group

My name is Matt Ewald, and I’m Project Manager here at Beck Foundation Company. Over the past few years, we experienced some tremendous growth, resulting in the expansion of our operation here in San Antonio. When we decided we were going with all new furniture, our main goal was to outfit everyone from top to bottom with clean-looking, matching furniture that maximized our workspace.

I shopped several of the bigger box stores and the other local firms. But in the end, our comfort level with CBI Group and the professionalism they provided is ultimately what won our business.

We outfitted over 20 offices, the conference room, a war room—which is our collaborative workspace—and a few open offices as well. With the CBI Group, I knew that we weren’t just another online purchase or catalog order. You know, having showrooms in San Antonio and Austin, we were able to go to their facility, sit in the chairs, touch the furniture, and that really helped us develop the comfort level we needed to make the purchase. Finally, the price is one of the best I’ve found. The value they provided and the warranty they offered really sealed the deal for us.

For anyone considering doing business with the CBI Group, I can tell you firsthand that we had a solid experience and are very pleased with how it turned out. The CBI Group offers a level of quality and personal touch that exceeds any of the other companies that we spoke to. Ultimately, the CBI Group are a great group of people who will take care of you. If you have a project coming up, I’d highly recommend to partner with them. I trust that they’ll take care of you just like they took care of us.


The growth of the Beck Foundation Company necessitated an overhaul of their current office layout and furniture. By visiting the CBI Group showroom, they were able to try the furniture before buying it, allowing them to make selections with confidence. A great warranty and excellent value sealed the deal. The personalized service provided by CBI Group made a big difference, and they’re pleased with the results. CBI Group: one of the best modular office furniture companies for value and customer service.