DATE: 12/04/2016

POSTED IN: Testimonials

Francisco Gonzaba –Video Testimonial for CBI Group

When I look for office furniture, I look for clean lines, a modern feel, quality, and durability. My relationship with the CBI Group has been in place for over a decade. We actually view the CBI Group as our consultant as we grow into new clinics. The relationship we have with the CBI Group is a personable one; it’s a relationship built on trust. What puts me at ease is that I can call anyone at the CBI Group if something isn’t right, and they’ll make sure that it’s done right. And that shows commitment to our ongoing partnership.

I’ve seen the CBI Group start from a small company, and I’ve watched them steadily grow. And it’s exciting to see and to know that Gonzaba Medical Group has been a part of it. For those that are considering doing business with the CBI Group, I would say simply that it’s more than a transaction. It’s more of a resource for future growth.

The experience I’ve had when CBI comes to deliver and install a product, it can actually be quite a delicate situation. We are a medical facility, and we have patients at any given moment throughout the clinic. They come and install the product quickly and efficiently. Our staff here at Gonzaba Medical Group appreciates the quality and the design of the products.


CBI Group began as a small company and grew by offering personal relationships with companies. CBI Group provides great prices, along with effective and modern solutions for contemporary offices. CBI Group is more a resource and partner in growth than merely a supplier of office furniture. CBI Group: one of the best office furniture companies to serve your expanding business needs.