DATE: 12/04/2016

POSTED IN: Testimonials

Dr. Manuel Martinez gives his professional opinion on the health benefits of height-adjustable desks:

I believe, like a lot of people, I have suffered from upper back pain. You know, nowadays we spend a lot of time at our desks. We tend to crouch forward. Being able to stand up and move around, it’s always healthy. An adjustable table, it allows you to get into that position, open your diaphragm, be able to breathe better and keep working. It helped me stay productive. Our body was made to be standing and walking and running. Our body’s not designed for sitting down for eight hours at a time, and therefore it suffers.

When you stand up, you expand and let your diaphragm go down. You breathe deeper, you breathe better, and that really helps with energy—less drowsiness at the end of the day. I’ve seen it personally. It works.

It’s pretty sturdy. So it’s very important when you have your hardware on, you have your computer, you have your monitors, that it doesn’t move around, that it stays in place. After having it for a day or two, you know, you find the right position that is more comfortable for you. You can select and lock it into that position, and then just with a press of a button, you can go up to the up position or down to the low position and do it without having to do an adjustment every single time. So that’s very useful.

You know, you could go to the showroom at CBI, try it out by yourself. Spend a little bit of time sitting and standing, and seeing really how a difference it makes. When you can work in a standing position, it does make a difference.


The way we sit at our desks is not healthy for our bodies, and can lead to back pain. Adjustable tables or desks allow you to easily adjust the height in a way that will reduce back pain and lead to better breathing. Once you try this table out in the showroom, the difference will become clear. CBI Group: one of the best commercial office furniture companies for height-adjustable desks.