DATE: 08/08/2017

POSTED IN: Testimonials

Brad Rollins — Dahill — Video Testimonial for CBI Group

Brad Rollins, President/CEO of Dahill Office Technology Corporation, shares his experiences with CBI Group, from the relocation of Dahill's San Antonio corporate headquarters to offices in El Paso, Corpus Christi, and Houston.

"The first project we undertook with CBI group was relocating our corporate headquarters here in San Antonio. We had a large facility on the other side of town, and we were looking at many, many furniture vendors, as well as other venders along the way, and we were fortunate enough to meet Brent and the team at CBI group, and we were just phenomenally amazed at how easy they made the process.

One of the first things they did was they came into our office, they did a good analysis off the floor plans of what different types of layouts we could do, and, fortunately, we were still going through a lot of architectural drawings of the new space, so we were able to actually change some space and gain some additional efficiencies in room by taking their recommendations and incorporate them into our architectural drawings.

They weren’t just talking about price. They weren’t just talking about furniture. They were talking about how our people would interact with one another and how they can use the furniture in the different designs available to create mini meeting areas and to create more collaborative spaces to get more work done. Most furniture vendors were just asking us “How many of this?” and “How many of that?”, where CBI was really making recommendations. They were trying to point things out that we were looking to do that may not make sense, as well as identify some things that we never even thought of before.

Not only did they make recommendations that often cost less money than the direction we were going, but they always looked at what the total program was going to be and where our needs were, and it never felt like they were trying to up-sell us or to get us to do things that we didn’t need. As a matter of fact, I often picked furniture and finishes that would've been way more expensive, and they spend a lot of time showing us how we could get a similar effect with a more cost-effective solution. It was amazing to see how from beginning to project completion how well they were able to do as a company.

What’s great for us is, as a regional company that has offices throughout the state from El Paso to Corpus Christi to Houston, it’s been great to be able to have one vendor handle all of our furniture needs. So we’re able to establish a great pricing program and know that we can send the projects off: they can design it, work with us as we’re looking at new office space, get the floor plans right, make the recommendations on how much space we need and how we’re going to fit the people into it, and they’re able to not only just sell us the furniture, but install it, get everything set up, and really handle projects from as large as our corporate headquarters to as small as three or four thousand square feet in a far away office.

If you’re considering doing business with CBI Group, I say go for it. I’ve recommended them to many friends of mine and many business associates, and I’ve been very happy to recommend them–and it’s not something I take very lightly. When you recommend somebody’s services to a friend of yours or a business associate, you’re putting your reputation on the line along with it. They’ve always done a great job. As a matter of fact, they’ve always done just as a good a job as they did with us, and that’s always been a great opportunity to help my business associates, my friends, and the people we work with have a great furniture experience, as well."