DATE: 01/10/2017

POSTED IN: Announcements

Have you ever envisioned building your dream office from the ground up? Would you want a desk so large that your computer would escape damage if an entire drink was spilled? How about space to display photos or a collection? Would your dream office be extra large? Cozy? Could you put your feet up or access the healthiest, most ergonomic components? Whatever your plans might be, custom modular office furniture can bring them to life. How?

• An L-shaped desk is a wonderful option that provides lots of workspace while taking up just a small percentage of your floor plan. A modular desk of this type could be taken apart and used as two smaller desks, which is nifty when you’re suddenly sharing an office for the short term.

• Storage solutions like shelves or filing cabinets can double as a workspace when you’re standing or sitting if you employ custom modular office furniture that’s at the right height.

• Height adjustable desks and chairs can make any workspace comfortable for a wide range of body types. Long legs, short frames, and even staff members with carpal tunnel syndrome or physical limitations can increase their comfort via custom modular office furniture that adjusts to meet everyone’s needs. Remember, increased comfort leads to a boost in productivity and work output.

Custom modular office furniture can also include desks that morph into full-size conference tables or even drafting tables. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

• Open filing cabinets that resemble bookshelves are a versatile and functional addition to any dream office. These can be used for filing, displays, or even fun knick-knacks that add whimsy to your existing workplace culture. Who says you can’t have a functional space that isn’t also fun?

However you decide to furnish your dream office, an investment in custom modular office furniture offers versatility and functionality without sacrificing style. It can even help you stay within your budget, and that keeps everyone happy. Learn more about custom modular office furniture from the expert team at CBI Group: (210) 655-3375