DATE: 11/20/2018

Looking to revamp an existing office space and bring it into the new year? Or perhaps you’re renovating your home office space to maximize square footage. Modular office furniture is an ideal solution for many office furniture projects.

The modular office furniture inventory at CBI comes in a variety of finishes to fit any style of office. Additionally, the options are available in more than just office desks and workstations. We have modular storage solutions, cubicle layouts, and even conference tables.

Our furniture can enhance the atmosphere in any workspace, and our team of specialists can assist in finding the best selections for you depending on your worker needs and office size.

Browse our inventory of select modular office furniture, and visit our expansive office furniture showroom to see what sets modular office furniture apart from traditional office furniture.

Benefits of Modular Furniture

  • Environmentally Friendly — Most modular office furniture options are created with less hardware and raw material and don’t require heavy-duty tools for proper installation. This not only makes setting up the furniture a breeze but also creates less waste inside an office space.

  • Takes Up Less Space — Have a growing office or need to maximize square footage in a small conference room? Modular office furniture is significantly less bulky than traditional office furniture, which means more space for additional workstations or storage options.

  • Easily Interchangeable — Because these office furniture options don’t require many tools for installation, it’s easy to change up the look and feel of the office. Adding additional furniture, like storage hutches, is also a fairly simple process.

  • Cost-Effective — Especially in large quantities, modular office options tend to be more affordable than large pieces of office furniture. Modular office furniture is ideal for a small start-up business or a company looking to invest in revamping a large building.

  • Great for Home Office — Modular furniture is a great solution for home office furniture. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain, and provides a wide variety of interchangeable additions to store supplies and paperwork.

Modular Office Workstations

CBI Group’s large office furniture showroom displays many types of modular workstations, each designed to complement existing office furniture.

  • 120-Degree Workstations — The 120-Degree modular workstation is a great solution for an open office space that wants privacy for its employees without the traditional cubicle look. Each workstation can be customized with a variety of divider options.
  • Standing-Height Workstations — Promote office creativity and productivity with our selection of standing-height workstations. Ideal for the modern office, these can be designed with marker board tables or other dividers to jot down notes and ideas.
  • L-Shape Workstations — Provide employees with plenty of workspace with our L-Shape modular workstations. These provide up to 84” of desk space and are also completely motorized with height adjustments. Install multiple monitor mounts to utilize desk space effectively.
  • Modular Cubicles — Gone are the days of tacky fabric cubicles. At CBI Group, our variety of cubicles are available in frosted glass, marker board, chalkboard, or colored divider options to improve the look of an otherwise drab office.

Modular Office Storage

Pair up your new modular office workstations with one of our modular office storage options. All are available in a variety of finishes and with lockable doors and drawers.

  • Pedestal Drawers — Ideal for filing or document storage, our modular pedestal drawers can be installed with optional locking castors for easy movability. At just 20” in height, the pedestal drawers are perfect for under-the-desk storage.

  • Lateral Shelves and Drawers — Store business supplies, documents, electronics, and more with our lateral shelves and drawers. Available in two sizes, the lateral shelves and drawers are a great fit for our L-Shape or 120-Degree workstations.

Modular office furniture is increasing in popularity for both commercial spaces and residential home offices, which means it’s become increasingly available in many office furniture stores. It’s important to choose a trusted brand to supply you with the best office furniture at the best price.

At CBI Group, we boast a prestigious list of clients we have collaborated with, and we’re confident that we can find the ideal office furniture solution for your needs. Contact our team of specialists today for a free consultation.