DATE: 10/23/2017

For versatility and functionality, it's hard to beat the flexible convenience of modular tables for conference rooms. Whether your conference space is predominantly used for meetings, training, presentations, interviews, or something else, the easy changeability of modular conference pieces is great for business.

Modular tables for conference rooms come in a variety of styles, materials, and types that are bound to meet the needs of your business and your staff, provided you choose the right one. Consulting with an office planning and design specialist can help. Consider where these modular conference pieces will be used, when, and by whom. Not sure how to begin? We have a few suggestions:

  • 1.Nesting sets. These versatile tables can be folded and neatly stashed into a storage closet or unused corner of the office. When needed, they can be set up in rows or form a square, rectangular, or U-shaped conference table.
  • 2.Adjustable bench tables. Exactly how they sound, adjustable bench tables allow one side to be lowered to function as a bench. These flexible modular tables for conference rooms negate the need for additional chairs, saving money and storage space.
  • 3.Height adjustable. There's an old expression: "You can't please everyone." With height adjustable conference tables, you can! These can be moved to accommodate laptops, presentations, and seated or standing meetings. You can select either mechanical or manual adjustments, whichever works with your budget.
  • 4.Flip tops. A conference table that can double as a viewing space? Yes! Check out flip top modular tables for conference rooms. They can also perform as a projector screen or white board for maximum functionality.
  • 5.Cafeteria style. Don't count out old-school cafeteria-style tables with attached bench seats. These are comfortable, functional, and can be easily moved aside when not in use.

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