DATE: 09/19/2017

Strategies for encouraging collaboration abound in the modern business world. Companies like Google and Pixar are well known for their efforts to encourage collaboration between employees. Investing in collaborative workspace furniture helps staffers get together to problem solve, brainstorm, or even commiserate a little.

Is encouraging employee cooperation as simple as bringing in the right collaborative workspace furniture? Not quite. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating an impromptu meeting space.

  • 1.Staying open. Collaborative workspace furniture works best as part of an open office plan. Ditching (or lowering) cubicle walls gives the impression of more breathing room, freer movement, and the ability to see coworkers' smiling faces. You might be surprised at how much that improves morale. Switching to an open office plan is also a great way to announce your commitment to a more collaborative office culture.
  • 2.Getting together. Part of the hope in a collaborative setting is that employees who don’t normally work together will have the impetus to interact. Pixar does this with a cold cereal bar available to everyone and by arranging offices and workstations so employees must pass other departments during the work day. File storage areas, printer stations, and your recycling hub may all be great places for your staffers to metaphorically — and literally! — bump into each other.
  • 3.Variety. In addition to adding collaborative workspace furniture to your office layout, offering variety to your staff is essential. Nix fixed seating arrangements — invest in modular furniture that can be moved as needed, or try chairs on wheels for even more mobility. Consider installing white boards throughout your office so great ideas can be noted and shared.

Still not sure how to proceed? Why not let an office planning consultant help you find other ways to encourage collaboration? To learn more about collaborative workspace furniture, get a quote, or arrange a consultation, contact CBI Group today or call 210-655-3375.