DATE: 10/05/2015

Change – it’s a given. No matter the industry, today’s mergers, downsizes and upgrades require businesses to be increasingly flexible.

One of the best ways to stay limber? Furnishing your space with modular designs + workstations that can reconfigure however need be. The beginnings of this practical approach to furnishings began in the 1950s.

Harvey Probber, iconic American furniture designer, is credited with the coining of the term “modular system,” after developing a seating system consisting of individual and interchangeable modules. He later went on to produce “nuclear furniture,” consisting of clustered tables that could be reconfigured with adjustable pedals. Probber is quoted as saying, “The key to salvation was in bits and pieces of geometry… They were meaningless alone, but when fused to conventional shapes, profoundly altered their character.”

Unsurprisingly, today’s modular furnishings have evolved to include a number of sophisticated designs for home + office. Perhaps, the biggest boon to come out of this flexible furniture styling is “the modular workstation,”featuring built-in, metal to metal connections that allow easy assemblage and take down, while still providing numerous options for usage. When purchasing your next batch of workstations, you may want to “go modular.” Here are a few reasons why:

Cost Efficiency
No matter the size or phase of your business, opportunities to cut costs should always be utilized. One easy way to do this is by investing in furniture that can change with you. The adaptable features of modular furnishings make it the perfect option for companies wanting a cost-efficient option they can grow into. With just a few twists from a Phillips screw head you can alter desk sizes, add (or subtract) shelving space and introduce other additional components to your workstation. By investing in modular furnishings early on, you can sometimes avoid having to purchase additional units later on.


Another benefit to modular workstations is just how easy they are to set-up and take down. Whether you’re moving a workstation to a whole another building or just across the hall, having a piece you can move yourself can be a huge time-saver. Not to mention, money can also be saved by not having to hire expensive moving crews in some situations.


Sometimes all we need to be more productive is a little change in perspective, and the simplest way to achieve that is by changing our environments! Reconfiguring your modular workstation into new + exciting arrangements can often be enough to foster a better work flow. At the end of the day, office furnishings should be productivity inducing and fun.

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