DATE: 03/21/2016

As an employer, it’s easy to forget that a job interview is a two-way street.

You’re thinking about your organizational budget, goals and how this person can fit in to meet your needs. Meanwhile, the person sitting across from you is evaluating your company based on their own criteria.

According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials (adults ages 18 to 34) became the largest share of the U.S. workforce in 2015. And if you think these workers are simply looking for a paycheck you would be mistaken. The 53.5 million strong demographic is reported to prioritize meaningful work over dollar signs.

So, if time no longer equals money, what exactly are these job candidates looking for? After some informal research, we compiled a list of 3 questions Millennials are silently asking themselves during job interviews and how your San Antonio office furniture can answer them – non-verbally.

1. Do the people who work here genuinely like their jobs?

Since this generation gets a bad rap for being technologically tunnel-visioned, it can be easy to forget there are actual people on the other end of those text messages. Millennials overwhelmingly report that friendships in the workplace have a boosting impact on happiness, motivation and productivity.

Assuming the job candidate is interviewing to either a). Work in a field of interest or b). Assume a position of interest, the community aspect of your organization is most likely what you’ll be judged on.

While you can’t manufacture employee satisfaction during a job interview – at least, we don’t recommend it – you can show you care about your employees by furnishing your interview room with personalized decor, free treats (ie. taco Tuesdays anyone?) and office furniture that makes a statement. Furniture Tip: Ditch the boring conference room table in favor of modern reconfigurable lounge furniture.

2. Does this company allow flexible work options?

There was a popular song in the 80s called “Video Killed The Radio Star”;If we were rewriting it today, we’d call it “WiFi killed the 9 to 5.” While traditional work hours used to be a given, today’s technological advances have made them questionable at best.

Millennials grew-up in a world where physical presence was optional. Think about it: Paying bills, renting movies, taking classes, hanging out with friends – all of these things can be done with the touch of a button whenever convenient. If you haven’t already, consider adopting a work policy that values quality and timeliness of output over location. Furniture Tip: Furnish your collaborative spaces with tech-friendly tables, lounges and chairs that have been premade with charging stations.

3. Will I have an opportunity make an impact?

Finally, Millennials want what they do to matter. They want satisfying answers to questions like: “How does my role fit into the organization as a whole; are my ideas for how the company could improve valued and realistically considered; and do I want to be a part of the work this company is putting out into the world?”

If you haven’t already done so, consider clarifying your mission statement and overall thought processes as to how employees are permitted to shape the organization as a whole. Furniture Tip: Lose the traditional offices in favor of multi-purpose collaborative workspaces. Smartly designed open offices communicate the message that you value the ideas of your staff.

They say only a small percentage of communication actually involves words; the rest is nonverbal – vocal intonation, body language and eye contact all play a role. But so does your environment. So, make it a good one that’s congruent with who you are as a company.

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