DATE: 12/05/2014

Is your Antonio office outdated, no longer projecting the image you want or fulfilling your productivity needs? The easiest way to transform your old office into a new, modern space is to refurbish your office furniture. Redesigning your office and adding new furniture can create an entirely new space that can give new life to your team and business.

Build the Office You Need in the Space You Already Have
There is no need to move your business to a new space to get more room and an updated look to your office. Our design team at CBI Group are experts at transforming the old office into a new, modern space that will reflect the needs your business has today. There are many new options in office furniture and design that can create a more productive and aesthetically pleasing environment, without ever leaving your current address.

New technology and changes in business culture have created the need for office furniture that meet these new requirements. Your old office furniture may be poorly equipped to handle these changes, costing your team time and productivity. At CBI Group, we offer modern office furniture solutions for our clients in San Antonio that need an office refurbishment. Some of the new furniture that you may want to consider includes:

• 120-degree workstations. Many companies are using multiple screen computers for their increased productivity for employees. 120-degree workstations are perfectly designed to accommodate these larger screens.

• Space-efficient desk solutions. Has your team grown inside of the same size office? We offer desk solutions that can give you more workstations within the same amount of physical space.

• Alternative furniture. Looking to create an environment to inspire your team and give them optional work spaces? Consider adding more casual furniture for your mobile device employees, such as bistro tables, stand up desks or comfortable soft furniture.

• Open office plans. A change in modern offices is the move to the open plan, offering employees easy access to other team members. This can save space while allowing departments to work together on projects in their respective work areas, easily sharing ideas and solutions.

• Modern lobby areas. First impressions are important. Let us show you the options available to create a modern lobby area that will best represent the image that your company wants to impart to clients and business associates.

You will be amazed at the difference an office refurbishment can do for your business. It is not just about changing the look of your office; a redesign can have a marked impact on your employees. Office furniture that improves functionality and comfort can boost morale and allow your team to be at its best.

If you are ready for a new office without moving from the space you are in, let our office design consultants walk you through the steps to refurbishing your San Antonio office. From layout to function, we will help you transform your existing office into a new, modern design, quickly and affordably.