DATE: 02/24/2018

Your offices might have been perfectly sized for your business when you opened. But after a few years and some major growth, you may find that a remodel is in order. If you don’t have the option to move to a larger office, maximizing your existing space with innovative small office furniture solutions is essential.

The best way to begin is to sit down and make a list of what works and what doesn't. You may love the shared workspace staffers use when they're collaborating. Or maybe your conference room sits empty much of the time because the giant table housed there isn't practical for everyday work. Zeroing in on the aspects that need improvement can help you set your budget. If you haven't already, ask your staff to contribute their suggestions and ideas. Don't forget about less obvious things:

  • Power and data management (where will you put all those cables?).
  • Storage and recycling.
  • Airflow and how much natural light is getting in.

Crowded spaces are difficult to work in. Feeling cramped can cause unnecessary stress, impede focus, and lead to bad moods all around. How can you avoid this? By utilizing basic small office furniture solutions. A modular conference table that can be broken down into smaller tables or desks is a great way to conserve space while providing versatility on a budget. Low cubicle walls open up the space while still providing staffers with the privacy they need.

Collaborative office environments offer a high degree of versatility. They're favored by younger employees and are less fussy and traditional than rows of desks or cubes. Look for circular sofas with small tables for laptops or swivel chairs that can be easily rearranged to give everyone a seat at the table.

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