DATE: 03/22/2017

Small office spaces can present their own special set of challenges. For starters, you want your employees to feel like they have enough room to move about comfortably. You’ll want to ensure everyone has enough light, and that there are enough electrical outlets and data ports to get everyone plugged in and running. Small office furniture solutions may seem like something any clever person can come up with, but to really get the most out of minimal office space, it pays to hire an experienced professional.

An office planning specialist can be a tremendous help when you’re outfitting small office spaces with desks, chairs, meeting tables, and storage. They can help you select office furnishings, and arrange it all in a way that maximizes space and convenience. To have the best experience with your office planning specialist, take these preliminary steps:

  • 1.Write a list of requirements your new office space must have. Consider the size of your staff, and how much you expect it to grow in the coming months or years. How many people need solo workspaces? How many need collaborative workspaces? What about a conference table, or shelving and seating? And don’t forget about electrical and data cables!
  • 2.Research office layouts, furnishings, or ideas that you like. Perhaps have your staff brainstorm ideas too. You can discuss these later with a consultant.
  • 3.Determine how much you’d like to spend, including the limits of how much you could possibly spend, just in case.
  • 4.Arrange a consult with a professional office planner who specializes in small office furniture solutions.

After this consultation, you’ll have a much better idea of how to get the functionality you want in the space you have, while staying within your intended budget. After you decide on a few ideas, the next step is probably the most fun.

Take a trip to the showroom. There’s nothing quite like seeing your small office furniture solutions in the flesh, so to speak. Sit in a chair or three, test out sofas and see if they bring on an urge to collaborate—we think they will. CBI Group showrooms are conveniently located in Austin and San Antonio. For more information, or to arrange a consultation, call 210-655-3375.