DATE: 10/23/2014

Modern offices are designed to boost collaboration, creativity, and efficiency while finding ways to help you save money and minimize your environmental impact. Plus, office spaces with forward-thinking designs tend to help you to attract prospective employees and clients.

What styles should you look at if you want to update your workspace in the upcoming year?

Moving forward. The world is becoming more and more mobile, and so should your office. Instead of buying big, bulky furniture that’s difficult to move around, businesses are choosing seating and even desk options that allow mobility. Wheels on office chairs are pretty standard, but now companies are investing in wheeled tables and desks, as well as lighter furniture options such as stools. The idea is that things can be moved around at a moment’s noticed to accommodate collaboration and consultation.

Take down the walls. Gone are the days of cubicles that keep individual workers sealed off from the rest of the office. The newest trend is to invest in wall-less workstations for multiple employees that are designed to open up the office and promote collaboration. For example, a single long table or desk might accommodate three or four employees with individual lamps, computers, and chairs set up every 5 to 10 feet.

Open plan office san antonio

Outdoors inside. A study tested hospital patients who had access to a window with natural light and those without. The ones with a window healed faster and were overall calmer and less stressed. Offices are putting this into practice by breaking down walls and opening up the office to as much natural light as possible to keep employee productivity and morale as high as possible.

collaborative office design

Try a bright idea. Offices used to plan in color schemes of gray, black, and white because those were seen as serious, professional hues, but recent research has changed things a bit. Experts have found that brighter colors can stimulate productivity; so many companies are doing away with the drab and bringing in reds, greens and oranges.

Add variety. Studies have found that companies that offer different seating styles – standing desks, sofas and office chairs- provide employees the option to transition to different working environments without leaving the office.

As the nature of office work continues to evolve and we become increasingly comfortable with handling things on the go and staying constantly connected, the furniture that we use has to change to keep up.

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