DATE: 02/05/2015

Whether you have a car dealership or a doctor’s office, there are times when clients must wait to be served by your team. The traditional waiting room has consisted of uncomfortable chairs and end tables for decades, with a scattering of magazines to occupy time. While this may be functional, it does little to enhance any company’s image. For 2015, make it a goal to transform your San Antonio waiting room into an area that is creative and inviting to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Give Your Customers Comfort

No one wants to sit in a waiting room--especially in hard, uncomfortable chairs. By the time your team gets to see your clients that have been waiting, they can be cranky and harder to please. Consider the benefits of investing in soft seating that cushions this less than pleasant experience. Soft chairs and couches can relax and appease customers that must wait a little longer than they anticipated.

Create a Colorful, Cheerful Waiting Room

Color can have a large impact on mood, especially for your clients that are forced to wait in your lobby area. Get away from drab, neutral colors and brighten your waiting room with splashes of green, blue and yellows. We have a large variety of options for lobby office furniture that can give your waiting room pizazz, with colors that will lighten the mood.

Professional Casual

Casual furniture is trending, both for the interior offices and for waiting rooms. The idea is to create spaces that are reminiscent of a living room or an upscale coffee house to create a more inviting environment. Get away from industrial seating and add couches, loveseats and big chairs that are configured into seating groups. Add a console for the TV to complete the picture, making your guests feel like they are a friend’s home instead of stuck in a waiting room.

Cater to Your Mobile Device Lovers

While sitting in your waiting room, many of your clients are bound to be on their mobile devices. Cater to this need to catch up on social media or using the wait time to read and respond to work emails.We have soft chairs with swivel tablets that are great for mobile devices users. As part of your overall design, consider easy-to-access outlets and Wi-Fi in your waiting room to give your customers the electronic needs to power their devices. Time will pass much more quickly if they are looking at their phone or tablet the entire time.

Your waiting room and lobby are the first and last places your customers usually see when they visit your business. It makes sense to invest in transforming these areas to create a positive image for your company. Our design experts at CBI Group are here to help you find the right style for your waiting room in 2015.