DATE: 04/17/2017

If you’ve ever looked at a blue print, you know that it’s limited in what it can show you. Sure, we know that the rooms are drawn to scale, providing a rough idea of how things will fit. It’s great to know whether or not you can fit a table and sofa on the same wall, or if that new desk will fit easily through the office door. Still, a blue print can’t really show you how the finished room will look once you’re inside. To get a true sense of how a room will look when furnished, you need to look at furnishings first hand. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit an Austin or San Antonio office furniture showroom.

Seeing photos of furnishings or designs can be so helpful when you’re in the brainstorming stage of the design process. Pairing a modular desk with a pair of chairs may be an excellent choice for a collaborative meeting space. But how do you know which chair to choose, or how it will look and feel with the rest of the room? When you spend time in an Austin or San Antonio office furniture showroom, the difference is clear:

  • Sitting in chairs and sofas lets you see how comfortable they are for yourself.
  • Seeing modular pieces in action gives you a clearer sense of how they work.
  • Comparing veneer choices in person lets you choose desktops and tabletops with confidence.
  • Everything feels different when you see it up close.
  • Not sure the difference between brushed and anodized aluminum? Touching both can make this your decision clearer.

CBI Group recommends a visit to their Austin or San Antonio office furniture showrooms as early as possible in the design and planning process. Making informed choices about what you want (and don’t want) for your new office design is a crucial part of staying on budget and on schedule. To request a quote or schedule a consultation with a CBI Group Austin or San Antonio office furniture specialist, contact CBI Group online, or call 210-655-3375.