DATE: 01/24/2017

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Your staff is your company’s most valuable asset. This is true for most any business. From the newest temporary office assistant to the President and CEO, everyone must do their part for the business to run smoothly. Keeping customers and clients happy, innovating and looking for ways to streamline bulky processes are all the responsibility of you and your staff. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to do all you can to provide your staff with the tools they need to excel? In San Antonio, office furniture and design can be the difference between a team that collaborates, and one where employees keep great ideas to themselves.

In recent months, journalistic powerhouse The New York Times announced sweeping changes to its newsroom. Their CEO explained that the new office structure would be a “redesign of our existing space in order to facilitate more cross-departmental collaboration.” This redesign will also involve getting rid of the kind of huge corner offices that used to be sought after by top executives. NYT’s CEO explained this as well, saying, “We don’t need to preserve those vestiges from a different era, so we won’t.” Instead, those spaces will be opened up as team rooms or common collaborative spaces. It’s an excellent plan, and one that NYT staffers seem excited about. After all, the newspaper business has had to make substantial changes in recent years. It’s exciting to see that they’re also moving forward with modern design and management strategies.

Though workplace culture in New York is undoubtedly different than that of Texas, some things are the same all over. Whether your business is in Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio, office furniture should be chosen with the needs of your team in mind. Focusing on ergonomic desks, tables, chairs, and other elements ensures that everyone on your team is physically comfortable. That’s a vital first step toward developing a stable and productive office culture. Once you’re sure that everyone has an appropriate space to work in, the next step is designing a group workspace.This may be the right time to consult with a San Antonio office furniture specialist to help with selection and design.

The idea of an Austin or San Antonio office furniture specialist may sound unusual to you if you’ve never worked with one before. You may not have even realized you had the option to bring in a professional to check out your space, discuss your business and then plan and implement solutions to your biggest office design challenges accordingly. Amazingly, you can! The San Antonio office furniture designers and planners at CBI Group specialize in creating office environments that enhance your team, impress your clients and ensure that everyone is working together toward a common goal.

Collaborative spaces aren’t just for the New York Times. Every team is made up of people from different backgrounds with varied life experiences. Each member of your staff has a unique set of ideas, knowledge and skills. When you provide a place for those individuals to get together to brainstorm solutions and exchange ideas, you might be amazed at what they come up with. Something as simple as sofas with an open floor plan, a screening area your team can gather at, or a conference room with a table big enough for everyone can make a world of difference.

Hoping to encourage collaboration among the members of your staff? If so, your next call should be to CBI Group. You can request a quote, or make an appointment to visit the Austin or San Antonio office furniture showrooms. Unlike some companies that expect you to design your office based on pictures in a catalog, CBI Group knows that you’ll want to see and touch the furniture up close before investing. For more information about CBI Group and how their designers can enhance your business, call 210-655-3375.