DATE: 03/18/2015

It can be a double-edged sword working in a collaborative work environment. While many modern offices are designed to allow easy and free communication between team members, this can also mean it can be difficult to concentrate without distractions when needed. For employees to be productive both as a team member and as an individual, there needs to be a balance to allow for both team collaboration and privacy. Here are some tips to help achieve that balance in your San Antonio office.

Quiet Work Areas

In offices that have an open office plan, it can be hard for employees to find a place that is quiet where they can concentrate on their own. While it is not necessary to revert back to isolated offices or cubicles, creating a few quiet areas where employees can get away from the group can be beneficial. Here are a few ideas:

  • Privacy nooks. Some companies have found creative ways to offer small privacy nooks in their offices. These could be an enclosed chair or even just a privacy panel around a few soft chairs. One company even created enclosed booths where employees could shut out the noise and work quietly on their own.
  • Free office. If there are private offices available, considering turning one into a quiet office for all employees to share. Add a few simple desks or even soft furniture with the rule that this office is only for those needing a quiet place to work for a few hours.
  • Work from home options. Although you may need your team to collaborate on most days, there can be times when an employee needs their own space away from the office to finish a project. Allowing employees to work from home on occasion can give them the peace they need to focus.

Calming Office Additions

Sometimes it is not the noise that is distracting as much as the stress that employees can be under while at work. Creating a work environment that is calming and restorative can also help employees focus better when needed. A few simple changes in design and an investment in your employees’ well-being can be beneficial.

  • Colors. Stark white offices are not conducive to creating a warm, relaxing environment. Add in color and texture to create a more inviting atmosphere.
  • Lighting. The type of lighting in your office can have an impact on mood and focus. When possible, let in more natural light plus vary the lighting used within the office.
  • Break areas. Having break areas that are comfortable for employees to unwind in throughout the day can be just what they need to rejuvenate. Consider adding casual couches and other soft seating options where workers can relax.

Finding the right balance between a collaborative work environment and options for quiet concentration can be challenging. However, it is achievable by offering some alternatives, including using innovative office furniture in your San Antonio office. CBI Group offers a wide variety of office furniture and accessories that can help you achieve this goal, allowing your team to collaborate and concentrate, all in one office. Contact us today to find how we can help you.