DATE: 01/21/2015

Benching desks have become quite popular in modern offices over the last few years, departing from traditional singular desks or cubicles. From saved space to better team collaboration, there are several excellent reasons for this switch. For any San Antonio business considering an office refurbishment or opening a new office, it is worth researching the many benefits of benching desks for your new office furniture. Here are some of reasons to choose benching desks for your office:

Space Efficiency

One of first reasons benching desks have gained popularity in office environments is the saved space. Benching desks utilize less square footage while offering more work stations than many other desk configurations. By conjoining work stations, the number of desk legs are decreased. This creates more compact yet comfortable work stations that are perfect for the smaller computers and electronic devices used in a modern work environment. Using benching desks allows businesses to make the most of a smaller and more cost efficient office space.

Team Collaboration

Promoting team collaboration is another great reason to consider benching desks. As part of an open plan office, benching desks allow employees to easily communicate and share ideas. Breaking down the walls and cubicles that separated team members in the past has proven to be a benefit for many companies desiring to create close-knit teams, especially when collaborating on team projects.

Stylish Options

While space efficiency is a sensible reason to choose benching desks for your office furniture, style is another useful benefit as well. Benching desks come in a variety of colors and sophisticated options that will brighten your workplace, increasing employee productivity. Furthermore, you want your office aesthetic to reflect your business’ modern and efficient work. Benching desks are sleek with a modern, contemporary design that positively impacts the entire look of your office.

In addition to impeccable style, benching desks allow for unlimited flexibility, usable in almost any office space. The desks fit together in countless configurations allowing you the liberty to add units as needed and adjust to a growing business.


Cost is always a factor when purchasing new office furniture. The good news is that benching desks are also one of the more affordable options in multiple workstation office furniture. Not only are the desks affordable, but they can also cut down costs as they reduce the need for a larger office.

If you are interested in learning more about the benching desk options available for your San Antonio office, let our office furniture experts at CBI Group help. We have a fantastic selection of benching desks to choose from and can assist you in finding the right desks for your needs. Contact us today to discuss your office furniture or design needs. We would be happy to schedule a tour of our showroom and an initial design consultation.