DATE: 12/26/2014

It is not just management tactics and employee work ethic that contribute to productivity. Something as simple as the office environment can have a substantial impact on how productive your employees are each day. There are many studies that offer statistics on how much the environment affects workers, some of which may surprise and shock you.

Environmental Factors that Affect Productivity

From temperature to lighting, the environment of the workplace has an impact on employees and their productivity. Beyond the tools they need and personal support, the very air they work in can make a difference that effects the bottom line. In several studies, some statistics that point to environmental factors affecting production include:

  • Good lighting and ventilation were found to decrease absenteeism while increasing employee satisfaction by 24%.
  • A well-lit and properly ventilated work space can increase productivity up to 16%, a significant return on the investment in good lighting and air ventilation.
  • Employees in windowless work areas stay less on-task than those who have windows in their office. One study showed a 15% increase of time spent on work tasks in offices that had windows over their windowless counterparts.

Furniture and Office Design Effect on Employees

It is not just the air and light that effect employees. Simple changes to their work areas can have a powerful effect on how productive a team is every day. The easier it is for a team to collaborate and use their tools can have an enormous impact, as well as how comfortable they are while at work. Some of the statistics that point to how important these factors are include:

  • Poor storage and filing space can frustrate employees and waste time. One study stated that employees spent 4.3 hours a week searching for documents, interrupting their thought processes and taking time away from their projects. A solution is offering storage at the workstation, such as CBI Group’s mounted hutches.
  • Carefully considering the layout of an office, as well as keeping in mind the various unique needs of different departments, increases productivity in the work place.
  • Multiple computer screens were found to increase productivity up to 50% for employees. 120 degree workstations work well with these multiple screen computers to make it easier and faster for employees to do tasks on their desktop computers.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic office furniture can reduce pain and injuries in employees, which can lead to higher production, employee satisfaction and less time missed from work.
  • For team collaboration, desk systems that allow employees to easily communicate with each other can save time and increase productivity. Many offices have implemented these designs to help improve their office environment.

At CBI Group, these statistics come as no surprise. Our furniture is designed to help our clients increase productivity, while meeting their budget and time restraints. We know that if businesses create a comfortable, efficient workplace, they will reap the benefits through employee satisfaction and productivity. We have a wide variety of furniture, storage and design options that can help transform your office into a work environment that is geared to be productive.