DATE: 02/24/2015

There are many benefits to using an open office plan, including team collaboration and space savings. Yet there are still times when employees need a quiet place to conduct certain aspects of their job. They may need privacy to Skype with a client or a quiet place to concentrate on finishing a time-sensitive report. For San Antonio businesses with an open plan office, we have some suggestions to create quiet work areas for your employees.

Scattered Soft Seating

Most employees have the ability to work unplugged with mobile technology. One way to give them a place to get away from the busy open place office is to add soft seating furniture on the fringes of the office where they can focus on their work. We offer comfortable chairs with swivel tablets that work perfect for the mobile employee that needs to work away from the team for a few hours.

Privacy Nooks

Many companies with open office plans have incorporated privacy nooks to give their employees a quiet place to concentrate. Depending on your space, these can be created with movable walls in corners or you can convert a private office into 2-3 individual nooks that are separated by constructed or modular walls. You can add a small desk and chair for each nook, or keep them casual with a bistro set or soft seating. These can be open to everyone, giving them a place to concentrate when they need it.

Enclosed Seating

There are innovative furniture options that are designed specifically for privacy. Chairs with covered sides and tops can be added to almost any office design to give employees a quiet, private area. Use your fringe areas and corners of an open office plan to scatter these chairs facing away from the busy work area.

Enhance Your Break Room

Although the break room is not necessarily private, it still may be quieter than a busy office floor. Use your break room to add a few soft chairs and bistro sets where individuals can get away to work on their own. These can also be great spots for 2-3 employees to work together away from the group when collaborating on a small project.

New Design Options

If you are not sure how to add private spaces to your San Antonio open plan office, our design experts at CBI Group can offer customized solutions. We can evaluate your current office plan and come up with intelligent options to create quiet spaces within your existing plan or create a whole new office design.

You can have a productive open plan office that offers the collaborative benefits along with quiet workspaces. At CBI Group, we have a wide variety of furniture options that can help you create private spots for your employees without interrupting the overall design of your San Antonio office. Come talk to our office design experts and let us help you find the right balance of collaboration and privacy for your open office plan.