DATE: 12/04/2017

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Looking into open plan office furniture is a great step forward for your business. Whether it's for a call center, waiting area, or reception station, open floorplans have it all. Providing a spacious area for clients or staff lets visitors see a calm, collected environment that functions flawlessly. Compared to traditional spaces that can seem cramped, overcrowded, or packed with people, open floorplans give everybody room to breathe — and room to do their best work.

What should you look for in open office plan furniture? For starters, think modular! Modular pieces can be pushed together or taken apart to meet the changing needs of your company, customers, and employees. Modular workstations are more flexible than giving each employee an area only they use, and let you cut down on the number of workstations needed, while still providing enough space for everyone to work.

Thinking about a conference table? An open floorplan may not accommodate such a large piece of furniture. But a modular table that splits into several partner's desks? That's something for everyone!

When you're considering modular open office plan furniture, it's important to consider the needs of your staff now, as well as anticipating the future. How will the open floorplan you use today need to change as your company grows? That's the beauty of modular furniture. No need to be "out with the old and in with the new" all the time — additions to old pieces allow them to function in new ways.

Still not sure which open office plan furniture is a good investment for you? Your next step might be to visit one of our two furniture warehouse locations with a design specialist from CBI Group. Find out how to select open plan office furniture that meets the specific needs of your business, staff, and client base. CBI Group specialists can help with an upgrade or remodel that satisfies your demands while staying within your budget. Learn more by contacting CBI Group today.