DATE: 07/06/2017

A new office space or layout carries with it an enormous amount of potential. Whether you're furnishing an entirely new space, or reworking your current space, meticulous planning is essential. Failing to measure properly or forgetting an important detail can cause havoc in your carefully considered plan.

If you think of yourself as an office space planning wiz, all the better. If you've already got the skills and experience you need to plan, shop for, and assemble an entire office including desks or phone banks, a conference area, reception, individual and collaborative workstations (taking ergonomics into account, of course), power and data, you may be all set. However, if your skill sets lie elsewhere, consulting with an office space planning specialist can lead to a beautiful and functional office design, while saving you from making costly mistakes.

Here are a couple of reasons an office space planning expert can pay off:

  • There are over 20,000 companies in the United States that sell office furnishings. Together, they ring up about $65 billion in sales every year. The industry itself doesn't have a clear leader, since the largest 50 office furniture companies represent less than 40% of all office furniture business. That means there are a lot of companies to look at, which might take one person a very long time to sift through.
  • Planning and designing an office space means finding the biggest selection for the best possible price. But it's not just about cost—you need the right furnishings. Every business, staff, customer base, and office culture is different. Whether the goal is a casual workspace with a collaborative culture, or a highly professional office where decorum is king—the shelving, storage, desks, and common areas should all reflect your unique business needs.

If that already sounds overwhelming, we don't blame you. Office space planning isn't a hobby—it's a serious skill that office space planning specialists are uniquely trained for. The planning professionals at CBI Group have a passion for turning empty spaces into beautiful, affordable, highly functional office spaces.

How can an office space planning specialist help you? Read on:

  • When you hire an office space planning specialist at CBI Group, they'll want to know all there is to know about your business, staff, future goals, existing space, and budget. Once they have a full understanding of your needs, hopes, and expectations, they can start designing to your preference.
  • Choosing a color scheme, style, or materials (a wood conference table versus glass or brushed steel) might seem simple—but remember, an office redesign doesn't happen every few months. You and your staff will be living with this design for years to come—so you’ll want to make sure everyone loves it.
  • The showroom is where the magic happens. You can visit CBI Group's Austin or San Antonio showrooms and see it all for yourself. Slide your hand across a table top, see how easy it is to manipulate a height adjustable standing desk, or try out a few different office chairs. There's nothing like a hands-on experience to help you decide.
  • Your office space planning specialist will take your ideas, needs, preferences, and budgetary concerns into account, then come up with a plan for your new office. This won't be just a boring floor plan. You'll receive a full color rendering of your new office space. You can take it with you and talk it over with partners, management, or your staff. Fine tune the plan any way you like.

Furnishing a new office or taking on an office redesign is a huge project. The input you get from your specialist will help you proceed with confidence. Utilizing the skills of an office space planning specialist will save you time, money, and stress. Best of all—the end result is an exceptional office space you and your team will love.

Contact the office space planning professionals at CBI Group for estimates, a consultation, or to visit the showroom.