DATE: 02/22/2018

Modernizing your office space is a good idea every few years or whenever your staff or customer base grows. But what if you've never done office space planning and design before? After all, you spend your days running or helping to run a business. After ensuring that your customers are happy, suppliers are paid, and your staff has everything they need to excel, there might not be time or energy left over to learn a new skill like office design.

The good news? CBI Group is poised to deliver all the best new office space planning and design strategies for 2018 and beyond. Some say cubicles are on their way out. But some offices still thrive by utilizing the cubicle concept with lowered walls that promote interconnectedness and the ability to employ teamwork when needed.

Office design specialists know that adjustable height desks and tables offer staffers the freedom to work seated or standing. That's exactly the kind of innovation that attracts new talent and promotes longevity. After all, a happy, healthy staff works smarter and better for you and your clients.

How do office space planning and design with CBI Group work? It's easy! Begin by consulting with an office space planning and design specialist. You'll tell them everything there is to know about your existing space, your company, staff, customer base, corporate culture, and how you see your business growing and evolving in the future. You may also take a trip to a CBI Group showroom to check out workstations, desks, seating, shelving, and more. There's no substitute for seeing everything in person before you make your final decisions.

Your office space planning and a design specialist will create a full-color three-dimensional rendering of your office design. You can look this over with your business managers or partners before everything is finalized. Super simple, right? It's also a fantastic way to ensure that you're getting the best possible pricing on your new office furnishings. CBI Group knows all the suppliers and how to get you the most return on your investment.

Learn more about office space planning and design with CBI Group by calling 210-655-3375 to make an appointment or get a quote.