DATE: 11/07/2014

Being creative at work can be difficult if everyone is forced to work in an environment that does not inspire creative thought. There have been major changes in the way that companies design their offices to encourage creativity, breaking away from the boring, cubicle-filled office. If you want your employees to think outside of the box, then you might need to design an office that is less conformed and more open to possibilities.

Mobility in the Office

One way to spur creativity is to allow movement and energy into the office. With mobile technology, there is no reason employees need to stay chained to their desks, or that they even need a desk at all. Give your employees options on where they want to work, and they will be more apt to be creative. Here are a few office design ideas to promote mobility:

  • Standing desk options. Some people work better and are more energized when standing versus sitting. Use standing desks or tall bistro tables to give employees areas to work while upright. Standing has also been thought to improve engagement amongst employees, which is always good for creativity.
  • Lounge areas. Create nooks with comfortable lounge furniture where employees can feel at home. Many companies have done away with assigned desks and have small areas throughout the office where people can let their creative juices flow. Add in a couch, comfortable chair or a small bistro set to give employees options.
  • Patios. If an outdoor area is an option, make use of it for a work area. Add outdoor furniture to your office decorating budget to give your employees the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air while brainstorming new ideas.
  • Public and privacy zones. Some people thrive on energy and chaos to be creative while others need a quiet, still area to connect with their thoughts. Make sure you offer a little of both to give everyone a place that meets their needs. Open space work areas are great for team collaboration, while small, private areas offer reprieve for those that need a few hours of quiet. Think in terms of creating different zones for different needs.
  • Add color, brightness and texture. Some offices are dull, without color or anything to inspire big ideas. Get away from boring beige, gray and white colors and invest in some color and texture in your office designs. Add color to the walls, the furniture and encourage employees to personalize their areas.

If you are looking to break out of the norm and design a new office with flare that breeds creativity, our office designers are here to help. At CBI Group, we understand that every company is unique and has different goals. Let us work with you to customize your office to promote and encourage your employees to be creative and productive.