DATE: 10/06/2018

Dozens of companies in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding cities have trusted CBI Group for their modern office furniture needs. With an expansive showroom and a wide portfolio of clients, CBI Group boasts over 30 years in the office furniture business. Our selection includes office chairs, workstations, and modern conference tables that complement our entire inventory. We’ll help you impress your clients and employees with our modern and upscale conference table inventory.

Our office furniture showroom displays our varied selections of office furniture, so you’ll be able to pick out each piece to match the design and fit of your office. Whether your company has 10 or 100 employees, we have the furniture that will best suit your needs.

Check out our conference table options and read up on their features, then give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

Types of Tables:

At CBI Group, we offer multiple models of office conference tables in multiple finishes and material types. The difference in material mostly depends on preference and how often the conference room will be utilized by people. Both options are available in many customizable widths and lengths.

Laminate Built for many lengths and sizes, our laminate conference tables offer many benefits for the modern office. Simple to maintain and keep free from staining, our laminate conference tables can fit all types of office designs and floor plans.

A standout feature of our laminate conference tables is the ability to add in as many in-surface power or data modules as needed, so all employees can keep their devices charged and functioning. Let us design this table to the width or length desired to fit any office space.

Steel — Designed with knife-edge surfaces and two-toned design, our steel conference tables embrace the modern workplace with numerous features. Our steel conference tables are built with a large weight capacity for many devices and are available in multiple finishes: Shadow Elm, Electric White, Silver, and Black. Take your conference room into the new generation with the ultra-sleek steel conference tables.

A significant feature of our steel, modern conference table is the short time between the beginning of design and the completion of the product. Your new steel conference table can be ready in as few as three days, so you can revamp your existing conference room in less than one work week.


Whichever material you decide on for your new conference table, each model is designed with features meant to improve the productivity of the workplace and increase efficiency.

Wire Management — Each conference table can be installed with an optional wire management compartment, created to hold wires for projectors, laptops, and other devices utilized in a conference room environment. The wire management compartment keeps your conference room looking organized and clean.

In-Surface Module — In today’s office environment, nearly every employee has a tablet, work phone, or laptop. When it’s time for a collaborative meeting, it’s important for everyone can stay connected. Our variety of in-surface modules includes HDMI ports, power ports, and various data ports.

Regular and Standing Height — The latest trend in modern office furniture, each of our conference table models can be installed in both regular and standing-height options. Height adjustable up to 48 inches, the standing-height conference tables are customized to fit a variety of purposes for employees. Built with electric motors, it’s simple to change the conference table height when needed.

Customizable Lengths — CBI Group’s conference tables can be designed in lengths from 28 inches all the way to 240” (20 feet!) to fit conference rooms in both small office spaces and large-scale companies. Our modular conference tables are built to fit various open-space layouts and smaller scale office sizes.

With our expansive conference table options, it can seem overwhelming to pick which conference table is the best option for your business. Visit our office furniture showroom in San Antonio, TX, and meet with one of our office furniture specialists to select the best conference room furniture options for you. Our team is happy to suggest other office furniture to complement whichever conference table model you choose. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.