DATE: 12/13/2018

Cubicles are no longer the traditional, drab, boxy cubicles that gained popularity in the late ‘80s and throughout the ‘90s. CBI Group offers a variety of modern office cubicles to liven up any office space.

Austin, TX, is home to dozens of office furniture stores, but CBI Group is the premiere choice. With almost three decades of office design experience, we consistently stay ahead of office trends and bring commercial spaces the most innovative office furniture. Because we are not tied with any manufacturer or brand, we can help Austin businesses select the best office furniture for their needs, regardless of the brand.

Our goal is to inspire your workspace, no matter what type of business you’re looking to furnish. Let us bring your office space into the contemporary world with our modern office cubicles and complimentary office storage solutions, office chairs, and more.

Check out our latest models of office cubicles.

Open Office Workstations

We amplify the traditional office desk with the BLADE Open Plan Workstations. These workstations are great for all types of office spaces, open workspaces, collaborative spaces, and private offices.

Each desk is available with virtually endless attachments, so you can customize your workstations to satisfy your business needs.

  • Front-Facing — Maximize your square footage with front-facing BLADE workstations. Available in pods of four and six, these front-facing workstations can be designed from 48” to 72” each.
  • 120-Degree — The 120-Degree workstations are ideal modern office cubicles for open offices with employees who desire privacy. Because of the unique 120-degree placement, no person will awkwardly face each other. These workstations are available in various pod sizes and shapes to fit in almost any office.
  • Side Workstations — Does your office have a large amount of wall space to fill? These side workstations are a fantastic option. They are ideal for support center or collaborative workspaces and are available in pods of two to four.

Adjustable Office Workstations

CBI’s exclusive BOOST workstations bring the traditional cubicle into the 21st century and beyond with its motorized height-adjustable systems. The BOOST modern office cubicle features a three-stage base for sturdiness, digital handset, ability to input four custom presets, and a dual/triple motor for easy height adjustment.

The demand for height-adjustable workstations is higher than ever, and our office furniture showroom showcases a variety of options.

  • Front-Facing — Different from the front-facing BLADE workstations, the BOOST workstations can be designed in pods of up to eight workstations at a time. That’s 16 workstations in one group! Each office desk can be adjusted to different heights, and all electric wiring adjust with the height to ensure connectivity.
  • 120-Degree — Attach up to 12 workstations together with the 120-degree BOOST workstations. Modify the shapes to fit every crevice of square footage, while keeping employees comfortable and productive.
  • Side Workstations — Maximize your wall space or window spaces with the side-facing, height-adjustable workstations. Each desk adapts to various storage options and is available in customized sizes to complement any office size.

Accessorize Your Modern Office Cubicles

Once you’ve selected the ideal office cubicle, customize your selection further with our variety of divider options, tailor-made for all our workstation options.

  • Dry-Erase Glass — Add an elegant touch to your new cubicles and increase functionality with dry-erase frosted glass. Easy to clean, this frosted glass also allows for increased privacy among employees.
  • Tackable Fabric — Available in brand-new color options, the tackable fabric divider allows employees to pin up important notes or reminders to personalize their space. The three-ply construction improves durability for long-lasting office furniture.
  • Acoustic Felt — Great for businesses that require employees to be on the phone, these acoustic felt dividers absorb 85 percent of sound energy. These are also an environmentally-friendly option, made with recycled materials.
  • Colored Acrylic — Dress up your workstations to complement your company colors with our colored acrylic dividers. These are available in numerous color options, and our design team can help recommend color palettes to match your existing space.
  • Magnetic Marker-Board — Customize your space with magnets, while keeping enough space for reminders and notes with magnetic marker-board dividers. To ensure shine and easy removal, they’re best for use with dry-erase markers.

As the Austin workspace progresses, your workspace can move forward as well, with a new look from CBI Group. Our team will assist in all aspects of your project, from furniture selection to installation.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and see how we can enhance your commercial office space.