DATE: 07/31/2017

Modern businesses face a rapidly changing landscape of client outreach, customer retention and staff turnover. As their needs change, businesses must be savvy at adapting their company to meet a changing world. One of the best ways to make sure your team is ready for anything is adaptable, adjustable modular office furniture systems.

A conference table can be a major investment both monetarily and space-wise. Maybe you don't need a conference table all the time, or even a dedicated conference room. The answer? Use 2-4 modular pieces that can fit together to form the perfect conference table for your needs. When you don’t need it, these pieces can serve as individual tables, work stations, a printer stand or the perfect place for an employee suggestion box. The options are practically endless.

The variety and adaptability of modular office furniture systems doesn’t just apply to conference tables. Modular seating can be separated for quiet or individual projects, or pushed together to provide a space where employees can gather to brainstorm, problem solve and work on team building. Modular workstations can be adjusted for standing or seated work, and are a perfect choice for employees with specific ergonomic requirements.

What about aesthetics? The best news of all is that modular office furniture systems are available in a plethora of colors, shapes, textures and designs to match any office environment or corporate culture. Whether you've got your heart set on brushed steel, tempered glass, a rich wood finish or something sleek and modern, there's a modular setup that's perfect for your office.

Can't wait to see how modular furniture can improve your office layout and worker productivity? Visit the Austin or San Antonio CBI Showrooms. Let a design expert introduce you to modular furnishings, chairs and other seating, shelving and storage solutions. The difference touring the showroom can make is astounding. Sitting in the chairs, feeling the materials and seeing desks and workstations in person is the best way to know you're making the best choices for your company.

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