DATE: 10/26/2015

Considering transitioning to a modern office design?

Though the appeal is undeniable – clean lines that maximize small spaces, sleek designs that scream sophistication and durable surfaces that make cleaning up a breeze – many business owners don’t realize just how many many style options there actually are to choose from, asking:
When it comes to modern design, what else is there?

Well, a lot actually.

Like any other style, trends come and go, but a few tasteful elements never fade. From the harshly minimalistic (dare we say “sharp”) modern furnishings of the 90s to the the new,vintage furnishings (think “salvaged barnwood meets rich tones”) of the late 2000s, modern design has taken many turns. And it appears to be changing yet again.

As recently reported by The New York Times, design insiders are seeing a new trend: Still favoring organic materials and clean lines, the new look combines lighter color palettes with more “sophisticated” material combinations that seem to draw upon Scandinavian design. Though yet to be officially named – phrases like New Modernism and Post-Vintage have been thrown around – the movement was heavily in view at this year’s Sight Unseen Offsite, an annual NYC design fair showcasing furnishings from the country’s top independent design studios.

After culling through the information, we’ve identified 3 promising trends you can incorporate into your modern office design. Your best bet locations for capturing this look are your conference rooms, lounge areas and break-off stations.

1. Light Colored Spaces

Today’s top designers are trading the black walnut + rich wood tones we’ve seen over the past decade for something more “breathable.” Light oak shelving, blonde wood tables and mixed wood furnishings are being used in abundance. We’re also seeing a preference for white, peach and sky-blue toned furnishings. Overall, the look feels less “Brooklyn” and more “Palm Beach.”

2. Mixed Element Pieces

Another interesting preference showing up is for pieces made from mixed materials. Bleached wood surfaces are increasingly being combined with decadent materials like marble + bronze. The end result is an aesthetic that sends a message of “relaxed elegance.” A mixed elemental table would make a “show stopping” addition to any modern conference or project room.

3. Geometrical Light Fixtures

Say goodbye to the neo-industrial look and say hello to something more whimsical. Just check out these modern fixtures from the Seattle + Brooklyn-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Their simple, chic desk lamps are a perfect example of the elegant options coming up in brass. Another company making some interestingly shaped fixtures is C Lights.

Though an abundance of high-end fixtures might not be appropriate for all budgets, you can still capture the aesthetic in your office with similar, lower-cost options.

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